Sophie Mathew

Hello from Glasgow, Scotland! I’m following up to keep up with discussion following the Short Course. The discussion forum was so interesting with everyone sharing their perspectives and experiences, I hope to get involved in more riveting scriptural and theological discussions.


Hi @sophiemathew,

Welcome! I’m so glad you took the Short Course!

You’ll find plenty of interesting videos for discussion in the space. I think setting aside a few minutes each day to watch a video and then respond to it and others would put you on a good track to continue growing in your faith.

And of course there are many more discussions available for you to participate in throughout the community!


Hi Sophie and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. It is great to have you joining and participating in Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. Are there any topics from the short course that you found most interesting or would like to delve deeper in?



Hi Sophia, welcome to connect a great place to continue with a search for many truths that it times elude our grasp. We are all here to grow with you and help, encourage each other in faith, and love. May you be blessing and a blessing to many. Abide under His great Shadow.


Welcome aboard @sophiemathew. It is good to have you with us at connect. Thank you for coming alongside us. I have always wanted to go to Scotland. I have been to Ireland and was hoping to visit Scotland this fall. Then go visit Ireland again as Notre Dame plays Navy in Dublin this fall. There are a lot of riveting scriptural and spiritual discussions here. I hope you engage in many. God-bless you and your journey.

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