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Dears ,
I was listening Mr Ravi’s one sermon where he told ( if I correctly geared)
“not you have the soul but you are the soul”
Now , questions,
1- what is soul
2- how “ We are the soul”?
3- After death where our soul goes?
4-What’s the relation among soul , spirit and body?
5- can soul be destroyed (death)forever?
6-how soul comes in us?

Sorry a bit lengthy questions,
Appreciate all of your input and help to find the truth referring scripture.

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@san Great questions! Here are some threads that should help you begin to think through those questions. Christ grant you wisdom :slight_smile:

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(Shara Craig) #3

Great questions!
1 thessalonians 5:23 Paul addresses the body soul and spirit as three distinct parts of our human existence. There isn’t a crystal clear description of the difference between soul and spirit, so we need to read into the text a little. For example. Hebrews 4:12 mentions the soul and spirit in comparison to joints and marrow, and we know marrow exists inside our bones and joints. From this we can derive an image that our soul surrounds our spirit and our body then surrounds our soul. Personally I believe this bit of vagueness is intentionally written by the author of Hebrews to show just how sharp the word of God is. “Sharper than any twoedged sword”. So sharp that He can even separate the soul and spirit which seem to be one and the same to us.

I think the best explanation of our soul would be our consciousness. The body doesn’t think. Our cells and organs simply do what God has programmed them to do. Our muscles only react to the impulses given by our brain. Everyone is born with a body and soul, but since the fall in the garden of Eden we are all born spiritually dead. This is the death spoken of by God to Adam in Genesis 2:17. Jesus later says we must be born again, talking about a spiritual birth.

Ravi’s intent was to establish the fact that our body is temporary but our consciousness will live on. At the end of Genesis 3 we learn that God took Adam and Eve out of the garden, not as part of their punishment but as the first step in His plan towards our restoration. He keeps us away from the tree of life so that our bodies can eventually die and we might have the opportunity to be saved. If we had eaten from the other tree, then our bodies would have lived forever and our soul would be stuck here.

Galatians 5:17 and 1Peter 2:11 speak of the spirit being at war with the flesh. This battleground is our soul. Our sense of morality is at war with our feelings and selfish desires. This war takes place in our consciousness. Paul talks about this struggle in Romans 7:14-25. In heaven our soul and spirit will be given a new incorruptible body, and this internal war will be over.

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(Sanjib ghosh) #4

Dear @SeanO,@SharaCraig ,
Praise God .
Thank you so much for your kind help and giving Root to move forward on this topic.
If you have further any information, please continue add the on.
Thank you for all your kindness.

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