(Elisabet Roca Llabres) #1

Hello! Hola!
(Ve despues de la linea si quieres leerlo en Espanol)

My name is Elisabet but everyone calls me ‘Eli’.

I am from Spain (Menorca) but I have been living in England for one year. I am working as a Specialist Support Assistant in a school with special needs and I really love this job. I studied speech and language therapy when I was in Spain.

My husband and I are both studying Theology by Durham University. It’s a certificate in pioneer leadership and we go to uni once a week. We believe that God is calling us to church planting with new expressions of church in Spain in two or three years.

Our desire would be study OCCA (Oxford Centre of Christian Apologetics) next course academy and continue our apologetics studies.

We studied PROCLAMA, a course led by RZIM Spain and we loved apologetics now and therefore we studied RZIM Academy: core module, islam and now Bible and we love it.

If you have any doubt or you would like to talk about whatever… Do it!

Me llamo Elisabet, aunque puedes llamarme Eli.
Soy de Menorca pero llevo un ano viviendo en Inglaterra junto con mi marido (Perdon por las No tildes… teclado ingles). Estamos trabajando en un colegio de Necesidades Educativas Espciales y nos encanta.
Sin embargo, nuestra verdadera pasion es la obra de Dios y nos sentimos claramente llamados a empezar alguna obra pionera en Espana. Por ello, estamos estudiando Teologia en un curso que lleva la Universidad de Durham. Esperamos poder entrar a OCCA el proximo curso academico y completar nuestros estudios de apologetica, que empezamos hace anos con PROCLAMA y continuamos con RZIM Academy.

Me encanta hablar y argumentar, asi que si tienes alguna duda o simplemente te apetece hablar sobre algun tema de Fe, me encantaria oirlo.

Un saludo!


(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome aboard @eliroca. Best wishes to you in England. So glad that you and your husband are pursuing your call. I trust that you will be able to help many on this forum site. Having the connection with all those who are saints in the world and intrested in apologetics is such a blessing. God-bless your journey, endeavors, and your faith path.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hola @eliroca!

I am so glad you’ve joined Connect. What a blessing to have someone who has been involved in PROCLAMA and the RZIM Academy, not to mention your theological studies, join the community!

You may be interested in the slowly growing Spanish-speaking section of RZIM Connect?

I am praying that we would see a thriving Spanish-speaking online community to discuss evangelism and apologetics with kindness, respect, and faithfulness to the Bible.