Spiritual gift of healing

Praise the Lord , my question is There is a lot of fun made of healings that happen in evagilecial meetings ,churches. How do I defend the gift of healing in these modern times?


Thank you for that question, but first let me welcome you, and share that it is great to have you here.
Gods healing power whether, instantaneous, gradual, or miraculous are clearly evident to those who have faith to believe.
Have you ever been a recipiant of his healing touch?
Jesus being the same since the beginning and reading those biblical miracles but not believing who He is is not the same.
To those who believe, it is a profound truth that dispels all doubt.
Pray that helps


@Jaikar I broadly agree with @mgaplus4, provided that we discern between false and true healing. I personally am very suspicious of grand healing shows a la Benny Hinn or Peter Popoff. (I would rather not cite specific examples of this because I do not want to promote them. A good web search engine will get you plenty of videos to illustrate what I mean.) I am also suspicious of anyone who teaches that lack of healing corresponds to lack of faith. I do not hear much laughter about these within my Christian circles. I hear unbelievers laughing, though, which is not good.

On the other hand I believe that miraculous healing does occur and must not be dismissed. I have personally listened to a recording of a preacher who suffered a speech ailment for many years whose speech suddenly returned to him in the middle of a sermon. (I wish I can locate it to cite here!) I also believe that spiritual gifts of prophecy, tongues, and healing have not necessarily ceased. We test the spirits (1 John 4:1-6, cf. Deuteronomy 18:20-22) for authenticity.

Is there anything more specific that you wish to be addressed?


Perhaps a more specific question I could have asked from the beginning should have been what type of healing we are discussing. There are many forms spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, Gods healing power is evidenced in all these areas. I was speaking in generalities not just physical.
Like blblossard I have many who truly personally believe and testify to a genuine physical healing. Thank you blbossard


Hello I’m not sure if you are asking about people laughing at the one with the gift of healing or laughing at the idea the healing still happening so pardon me if I’m misunderstand I can say from personal experience that healing does still happen today because God healed me of manic depression that’s my thoughts on the subject.


@Ian777 That thought is good enough for me!

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I found the recording that I heard. The pastor is Duane Miller. He had worse than a mere speech impediment–it was a three year loss of his voice. We lose it for a day or two when we get a cold or flu. He lost it for three years. The back-story and recording of the moment of healing are here. The recording is in a YouTube video link at the bottom of the article.

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@blbossard, I have heard of the testimony of the pastor you are talking about here.

I have personally listened to a recording of a preacher who suffered a speech ailment for many years whose speech suddenly returned to him in the middle of a sermon.

His name is Duane Miller. Lee Strobel talks about it in his book, Case for miracles. Here’s a link about this pastor’s story.


Good evening @Jaikar - I hope that it will encourage you to know that any Christian can pray for God to miraculously heal themselves or another whether they have a “gift” of healing or not. James 5:16 says, pray one for another that ye may be healed. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. No special gift necessary!

This does not mean that doctors and medicines should be ignored, for God often uses them in conjunction with prayer to bring healing - Colossians 4:14, Isaiah 38:21, I Timothy 5:23.

I hope these thoughts will help you.


Thank you

@blbossard I remember the day I heard that testimony. I borrowed the DVD from the library in Wheaton college. They even got the moment on tape as he was preaching out of Psalm 103 in a Sunday School class. I believe I may have cried when he read verse 3 and began to talk!

@Jaikar I believe people make fun of some healing evangelists because many people believe the miracles are false. Another reason can be the personalities of the healers. I love the gift of healing and regularly pray for people, but many people think I am cracked, particularly my family :joy:

As with all aspects of life, I think balance is key. Overemphasis on healing can lead to an unbalanced theology, but denying that miracles are for today takes away one of our greatest tools for evangelism. I thought this video provided a very balanced explanation of the pros and cons of the gift of healing.


M. R.

Thank you for your question and a happy Resurrection Sunday to you. When you refer to the evangelical gatherings for healing and churches that perform healings, are you referring to anyone specific or is this more of a general reference?

I will begin by saying that I believe completely in the power of God to heal people. He truly does work miracles in people’s lives, even today in an age of such skepticism. That being said, I would be very thorough in my evaluation of any person who is holding healing services. If this is some kind of service where they call people up and throw their hands against them and heal them, or knock them down on the ground and declare them healed, then I urge caution. 1 John 4 warns us that many false prophets have come into the world, and that we are to test them and their beliefs to see if they are true. The claim to have healing power from God does not hold well if the person claiming it does not have sound faith in Jesus Christ.

There are a great many so called, “healers,” today who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, claiming to have healing power, but really they are just living off of deception. People like Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland and many others, perform healing services where they “heal” minor illnesses or issues, but do not follow the correct doctrine in Christ. Be very cautious when you come across anyone who is claiming to have such power, such a claim should never be taken lightly. The power of God belongs to no person.

I would pray for guidance in this situation and for wisdom and discernment in ascertaining if the spirit of God is truly at work in the situation. Also, dig into the scriptures. There is a lot of guidance about false teachers and prophets in 1 John, 2 Peter, 1 Timothy, 2 Corinthians, and how to recognize and avoid such teachings. I would also highly recommend that you watch the documentary American Gospel: Christ Alone. It provides a lot of insight and reveals how false teachers really deceive and hurt people in modern day healing and prosperity teaching.

I hope that you will find the answers you are are looking for and pray that Christ will lead you to the one and only truth in your search for answers. God bless you and thank you.