Say hello… Hi my name is Steven Aird I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 14 years ago stop working last April 2019 on social security disability benefits
I do not want to be on social security disability benefits I had stop working because I was a threat to hurt myself working with machinery
I still want to help people Parkinson’s will not stop me from helping others
For I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Where are you from?
I am from Dover Delaware

What led you to join Connect?
I like listening Ravi Zachariah he will be missed
I will be working with the salvation army Thanksgiving and Christmas time taking donations ringing the bell

How do you hope to participate?
To help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ
YESHUA hamashiach which means Jesus the anointed one


Welcome the the connect @sra1961! What a great work you’re doing! God bless you as you continue serving HIM and helping people no matter what situation you’re in!

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Welcome, @sra1961!

God will continue using you for His purposes! I hope you find a beautiful community here in Connect. And please feel free to ask anything and participate in any post. :smile:



I will be working with the salvation army Thanksgiving and Christmas collecting donations ringing the Bell

WELCOME BROTHER STEVEN!!! Man, I’m glad you came to join the RZIM family, I hope your stay here will awaken more knowledge and wisdom through the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ!

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I live in a house divided by belief in God
My son says the Bible is a fairy tale
Wife to
I asked for prayer for my wife Susan and son Donald that there eyes be open to the Truth of God word
Ephphatha which means be open in the Greek language YESHUA used ephphatha to open a blind man eyes

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Amen brother powerful testimony and faith in the lord. God bless you may you continue to be a light in the lives of many.


Welcome Renzo God bless you.