Standing ready

Say hello…
Hello everyone
Where are you from?
Reside in the Bluegrass State
What led you to join Connect?
A listener to Ravi for years, but introduced sometime ago by R Morris and have been closely following Ravi since

How do you hope to contribute?
Our research group has been preparing to launch apologetics media resources on our co-lo networks. The great need for coherent, accurate, and cohesive dialogue had never been more urgent. Ravi is our inspiration to strive for excellence. We joined to have an excellent place to exchange concepts in ministry, and will assist your work in any capacity required


We are glad you have come alongside us here at connect @Ivox. Your ministry sounds awesome. Being able to exchange ideas and coming alongside as here is a blessing to this site. I hope you enjoy the discussions. Please take a moment to encourage a new member or pray for another member who might be struggling with a concept. Thank you for your help. God-bless you and your journey.


@Ivox Hi David, glad you could join us on Connect! I hope you will be encouraged by learning, praying, and growing alongside us in the Connect community. I am sure the discussions and resources here will be a blessing to you. Welcome!


Hi Mr. David,

It’s a pleasure to have you with us here on connect. Through our Lords good grace and gentle hearts who serve him here it is definitely an excellent place. We look forward to exchanging and growing in Christ together with you.


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