Hello everyone,

I am from Mississauga, Ontario.

I have a calling upon my life from a very young age and been on the run. I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour when I was in grade 9, filled in the Holy Spirit and took believers baptism when in grade 10. My calling to ministry was at age 6 when I had an out of body experience (happened due to Cardiac Arrest) in Saudi Arabia. I had a personal encounter with Jesus and the Cherubs that stood on His left and right. Once I saw the glorious and magnificent home, I never wanted to return but His message to me was, “ Stanley, I have a ministry for you upon the earth. Take water baptism and fulfill the command preaching the Word of God to end of nations. Once you have completed the ministry we will call you back home to enjoy what you have seen.” To be very frank I honestly don’t want to be here but I totally understand the weight of the call. I have encountered many health related issues for which doctors cannot find reasons but the biggest Physician up there is watching out for me. I do not know where to start or how to move forward but I share the gospel among my Muslim friends and stumble over a lot of issues - the Bible is corrupted, the omission of certain words or sentences in different versions in the Bible. For me the word of God is the Truth and an instruction manual but don’t know how to put this forward to many unbelieving people. I hope this session through RZIM will help me.


Welcome Stanley what a blessing your words are. Look forward to more as you move forward in your sojourn here in earth. The Lord bless and keep.

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Mike - thank you.

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Welcome Stanley!! Thanks for sharing a part of your story!! I strongly recommend watching or listening or reading info presented by Amy Orr-Ewing. She does an incredible job explaining the reliability of the Bible!! She is part of the RZIM team. I’ve learned SO MUCH from her!! The “corruption” of the Bible is not true. Muslims are just told that and they cling to what they’ve been told by their leaders. The belief is that the corruption of the Bible took place, and that Muhammad was sent to “fix the corruption” issue. This doesn’t actually track. Abdu Murray explains that the Quran chapter 5 v. 46-47 is a contradiction that he personally wrestled with as a Muslim, and it was a piece of the puzzle that lead him to the truth and ultimately his conversion to Christianity.
Again, welcome!!! May God continue to work thru you and bless you abundantly!!

In Christ our Savior,

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Welcome aboard Glad you have decided to come alongside us at connect. I think that you will enjoy the dialog hear a lot. As you can already tell by some of the members greeting you there are so many well read and kind intended Christians here. Thank you for what you do for the Kingdom. Keep it up. There are responses that you will be able to glean from members here to some of the questions that you have. IGod-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome Stanley, we are glad you could join us here on Connect! The Muslim community will be blessed by your heart to show them the truths of God’s word. Thankfully there are people here who can help with some of the issues you struggle to address. God bless you! :blush: