Stefania C

Hello everyone!

My name is Stefania and I am Romanian and live in Romania.

I follow apologetics with RZIM since 2009, when some friends introduced me to Ravi’s teachings.

I work with international - non EU - university students in my city, I am very introvert, I love learning useful things continuously and I am keen on being able to share my faith with love and respect with the people I befriend.

I ended up joining Connect (although I avoided it previously due to being an introvert) because I enrolled in the Short Course late and didn’t want to miss it! :))

I hope to be able to contribute to this beautiful community, but I guess that will happen only after I become very familiar with it.

Nice to meet you!
Stefania C.


@Steff_C Nice to meet you!

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I spent a week in Cluj! It was a beautiful and wonderful city with some incredible people. I hope to make it back some day. Welcome to Connect!

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Hi Joshua!

I am pleased to know you also like the people in my city. :))

Cluj is beautiful indeed and is worth visiting.

Thank you.

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Welcome aboard @Steff_C. How has the pandemic impacted Romania? We are all kind of hunkered down in our homes right now. Hopefully the worst of it has passed. We are glad that you have joined our ranks. Enjoyed the discussions. God-bless you and your journey.

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Thank you, @Keldon_Scott.

Lockdown in my country since March 16. Thank you for asking.

The majority celebrated Easter this weekend here in Romania, in family-size home churches, as it was probably the case in many countries affected by the pandemic. I suppose Christians living under communist regimes are very familiarized with this idea.

At the same time, authorities feared numbers could get significantly higher during the holidays due to our large diaspora (the 5th largest in the world, according to a 2019 OECD report) living mostly in Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK who might visit family. But it is not yet as predicted, so hopefully the worst has passed, just like you said.

Nevertheless, for many of us this is a beneficial ‘stop and listen’ step in our walk with the Lord.

Thank you and blessings!

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Please stay safe and connected here.

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