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Steve Burris

Hey Everyone!

My name is Steve Burris and I was born and raised about 15 miles east of Nashville (what was once the buckle of the bible belt), and now reside in Lebanon, TN, about 30 miles east of Nashville where I’ve been working in the automotive industry for over 9 years now; yes, I’m a car salesman.

What led me to join Connect was/is the desire to hopefully interact with fellow believers who are of like mind. By participating in learning, sharing and growing within the body of Christ to “seek first His kingdom” with unity of purpose, and see what happens.


Hello Steve, welcome my friend to what I believe is just what your intro said? It is a place for like minded seekers of truth and fellow brothers and sisters ready to connect on the weightier matters of faith and truth. I am just up the range in WV, been roaming around RZIM since September and have been impressed by the respect for the questioner not just the question. Hope you will share some interesting and insightful Q & A with us. Take care down there in Tennessee?



Thanks for the welcome, Mike! I’ve been listening to Ravi for years, and my heart still grieves for our loss when I see and hear his video’s, looking forward to seeing him on the other side of eternity.
I’ve been to WV a couple times, years ago, on ski trips with the youth; pretty country up there.
Looking forward to this next chapter in life! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, Steve! I have purchased three cars in my life, all three through top-notch salesmen. What made them top-notch? They knew their product; they listened; they met my needs; they followed up. That sounds like a good Christian to me! I look forward to sharing insights with you. God bless!

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to Connect, we are delighted you have joined this community.

If you would indulge me, I have a question about car sales during the winter months in TN. It potentially snows :snowflake: and can get quite cold, so how does one show cars and test drive those cars in such weather conditions?

There are so many ways for you to engage with other believers on this site, here are just a few links that you may find helpful.

You mentioned participating in learning, this link is about the RZIM Academy and the classes offered through this part of the ministry.

Second is a helpful quote from the Innovation and Ministry Partner Specialist Carson:

Finally, there is a quick welcome video from Ravi to those in Connect, if you are saddened by this or feel this is to soon to watch, then you have it here whenever you are ready to view the content. Welcome From Ravi Zacharias!

Take your time perusing the site and enjoy the journey and the community connect brings. :tulip:


Welcome aboard @sburris22. Thanks for coming alongside especially with your goals to

You have come to the right forum. I look forward to reading your posts and and going forward with unity of purpose together. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you, Kel!



Hey Roseann!
Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here!
As for car sales in winter, before this covid mess, we had a place to bring our vehicle’s in for show if needed; however, now it’s a place for our customers to - I dislike this term - “social distance.” Fortunately, winters haven’t been too bad here lately. :blush:
Thanks again!