Steve Thompson

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to join the community! I love God so much and I look forward to talking with him every single day! I hope to share some of this energy and love with you guys!!

I love in Ohio USA. I love Ravi’s teaching and have been a fan of RZIMs speakers for years. I miss Ravi so much!

I love eschatology and apologetics. Let’s talk!


Hey Steve,

Welcome to Connect, we are eager to have you share in ongoing discussions and post some of your own thoughts and questions.

Ravi was a precious man of God, he will never be forgotten and his legacy & memory will remain through people like yourself.

Here is a link :link: to a welcome video by Ravi, take some time to peruse Connect and if you have any questions, Ill be happy to answer what I can. :tulip:


Welcome to RZIM Connect, my friend @Steve_Thompson


Good to have you coming alongside us @Steve_Thompson. I live just above you in Michigan. Love your energy. Please feel free to put it to use to encourage a new member or somebody that is struggling with an issue. Hope you engage frequently and that you enjoy it. God-bless you and your journey.