Steven Michael Todd

Say hello…

Where are you from? Marble Falls Texas parentheses Central Texas one hour west of Austin Texas and the beautiful Hill Country of Western Central Texas)

What led you to join Connect? I commented on a Ravi Zacharias post a while back and occasionally read it in my emails.
Love to be better connected with believers and all places in the world who care about what matters most regarding philosophy ethics and morality biblical worldview etc.

How do you hope to contribute?
I can answer theological questions I have a pretty good mastery of scripture I’m a lawyer I’m a student of history I’ve been a candidate for political office I am now in a private practice and God shows me thanks regarding the signs of the times on occasion so combining all the following I think I have something to offer.


Welcome Steven @Steven_Todd. That’s a great desire to want to be connected with the body of Christ. We are only as strong as our connection with the vine tree trunk as the branches. I hope RZIM connect will be a blessing to you too. Look forward to chatting with you.

God Bless You


@Steven_Todd Nice to meet you!

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Hi Steven, so glad you joined in the conversation here with the connect family. Howdy from the mountains of WV and as we welcome you, make yourself at home and dive right in. As a student of history, what aspect of the American legal system do you find mirrors Judahic law? The similarities are interesting to me.


May you find blessings and peace in our Lord.


Thank you Sanah. Peace to you as well.

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