Stories from the Road: RZIM's Sanj Kalra Reminisces on His Friendship with Ravi Zacharias

This week, as we prepare for the memorial service for Ravi Zacharias, Jo and Vince continue to reflect on the life and legacy of RZIM’s founder. At the request of many of our listeners, join us to hear more about Ravi Zacharias as our friend and colleague. In this episode, we share stories and behind-the-scenes reminiscences with Sanj Kalra, Ravi’s close friend and travel companion.

Please continue to share your stories of either meeting him or how he impacted your life.

A memorial service honoring Ravi’s life and legacy will be livestreamed on May 29 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Click here for more information.


I love what Sanj brought out about Ravi:

Ravi saw gold in everybody, and that gold was grace!

I’m so thankful for Ravi’s life and pray many more will be brought to Christ through his testimony! I cried through half the podcast, but was so blessed by it! :cry:
I never did meet him in person, but feel so connected to him. Makes heaven the more sweeter!


Thank you for sharing this… :purple_heart:

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Sanj, thank you so much for sharing such personal stories about Ravi. I’m sure there are many more you could share. You were a huge support to him and his ministry on the road, and how you supported him throughout his life is also one of the greatest ministries to be a part of. You must miss him dearly. Thank you also Vince and Jo for sharing these stories through Ask Away. I can only imagine how hard this is for everyone who knew Ravi, particularly for Margie. I didn’t know or meet Ravi personally, but just through his ministry and how he is with people, you could tell that he was such a beautiful man that cared so much about people, was compassionate, was a great listener, was so concerned about remembering people’s names and their stories, and wanted to make sure people knew Jesus and made sure no question went unanswered by the questioner. His heart for Jesus was massive and this came across in every interview, every sermon and every debate. He must be so happy right now - joy unspeakable. I will miss him in this life dearly. Thanks again for sharing the stories. Love to you xox


Thank you for sharing these personal stories about Ravi. As Jo mentioned many who loved him might not have a community with whom to grieve. I didn’t know I had this need until I listened to this podcast. May God grant comfort, unity, vision, passion, and financial support to the RZIM ministry going forward. Thank you for what you are doing.


@holderman624 I’m glad you joined us here for the podcast, and it blessed you. I pray alongside you that RZIM will continue to be blessed with resources, vision, comfort and unity as we march to the day of the Lord!
I hope you will join us here in the podcast category regularly for great listens!

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