Struggling with Faith and Idolatry

I’ll keep it short and concise. I have liked this girl for a while now, she is apart of my life whether or not I want her to be. She does not feel the same way. My longing for love and a relationship has become an idol over God. How can I surrender this to God? This brings me to my faith what are some healthy suggestions you have to improve my faith and share the gospel with different people in my life.

I can go more in detail if someone is curious.


Hi Luke,
I have to commend you for being so honest and willing to be open and sharing your situation. It is always very hard when two people do not share the same feelings for one another.

Many/most of us have idols that come into our lives. Some stay for a short period of time and others linger in our lives for a long time until we get serious about the things of God. :frowning_face: The answer to your question here fits together with the answer to your second question. :thinking:

To over come temptations and improve our faith we need to be engaged in Christian disciplines. :sweat: Daily reading, studying and then reflecting on the truths of scripture. Time in devoted prayer, like that shown by the early church in the early part of the Book of Acts. As you grow in these things personally then you should be engaging in them within the church that you belong to. (I am assuming that you are part of a body of believers) It is so important to be part of a body of believers as we grow in our relationship with the Lord. And when I say a part, I mean someone that is serving and using their gifting’s within the body. The next thing that I would like to encourage you in is Bible memory. I power of the scripture to speak into situations to far better than our own words (no matter how eloquent they are). :open_book:
As you engage in the life of a disciple then you will become all that God wants you to be. Focusing on God removes the focus on idols and they loose importance in our lives, because Jesus becomes our focus. :smiley:
Then maybe, just maybe, as you become the man God wants you to be, that your relationship with those that are around you will change and the girl that is a good match for you will naturally appear.
It is a journey for each of us to run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

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Hello @luke.shirley! This aspect of one’s life is one of the most important aspects that effect the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of the individual/couple, as you have and are experiencing.

I completely agree that love is strong. It is so strong, in fact, that it can effect how blurry or clear, how broad or how specific, how positive or negative, how vividly colorful or how dull, and how stable or fickle our hearts’ lens portrays the rays of life around us.

And I understand what you are facing. I believe so many in this season of singleness face identical feelings. The fact that God designed the desire for marriage and close communion implies that it is a good thing in itself. And it is bluntly painful and heart wrenching when one has such a desire, and a specific one at that; yet God doesn’t grant the follow through to such a desire. In fact, I see these feelings for specific desires, for specific persons, as Isaacs in our lives.

Issac was one of the best things that God blessed Abraham with (Okay, for clarification, Issac was a person not a thing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But, for the purpose of the application later on…:wink:) And God had told Abraham to completely hand over and sacrifice his only son Isaac. Now, Issac was a promise granted to Abraham. Issac was a good thing in his father’s life. Why would God ask for Abraham to give this precious gift up in the most permanent way? God wanted to show His unfailing faithfulness to Abraham, as Abraham showed his dependent faithfulness to God. Abraham had no idea how God was going to come through and fulfill the rest of His promise through this climaxing and heart wrenching time in Abraham’s life. Why would God seem to want to take away the object of a good desire, one of the best desires—the desire of being a loving father and blessed participant in abundant promise and blessing, through the life of his son Issac?

The biblical account shows the rest of the story and reveals the truly beautiful and perfect work God did through this account in Genesis 22. The passage reveals the God Abraham served, to the point of being willing and ready to sacrifice an intrinsic desire beyond nearly any other. Was this climaxing turn over from a living, healthy desire to full surrender physically and emotionally easy? The answer I believe is rather obvious. Here we see one of the most admired men in history walk through such tender and sensitive spiritual heart surgery, as a human just like you and I. This man is listed in the Hall of Faith found in Hebrews 11. One must remember,

Faith is preceded by sacrifice.

If faith is present in a heart, it concludes that that heart had to walk through the gateway of sacrifice in one way or another; the sacrifice of laying down something(s)/person(s), in order to live and move forward in his specific race accompanied by faith.

Have you ever read Hebrews 11 and specifically contemplated the various sacrifices (even the ordinary and subtle ones not written down) the listed people must have had to do or go through, in order to accomplish the dynamic things they were known for?

How were they able to come to the point of letting go? How were they able to surrender?

I can tell your heart is soft and longs for God’s perfect work, though what you are going through is very trying. I understand. Thank you for your testimony to us in this exemplification.

I believe the answer to this question may gradually unfold throughout the journey of life, as one daily learns to desire the greater thing…the greater Person…our greater Love. I don’t think it is possible to encase our hearts in glass boxes so desires and passions can’t root themselves within. However, the possibility of a heart faithfully realigning its passions, its spiritual lens, towards the ultimate desire—our Provider’s face and countenance—is a possibility that turns into victory within his life and will learn to see what God is doing beyond the fog.

The question that I consider is, “How bad do I want it?” I am not necessarily addressing the specific desire. How bad do we want to know God? The more we seek God and Who He is, the more the things (or people) we were holding onto loosen in our grip [surrender], as we begin to understand Who’s hand we really want to clasp onto. And when our hand is clasping His, He has that special inroad that can place that special person into the same hand.

I hope these thoughts were of help as you pursue God, regardless of what your feelings impulse. We are on an eternal journey with an infinitely faithful God. You also might enjoy these links that I have found interesting:

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