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I’m planning an Apologetics training day/conference, and just looking for people’s ideas for what they think are the two or three biggest questions Christians face today. What do you find comes up most when trying to share your faith?
Thanks all

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@craignorthwood77 I would suggest the Science v Religion debate which really is Naturalism v Theism. Perhaps looking into the fact that we have relatively recently discovered that the universe has a beginning and is not eternal. This along with the fact that our planet is perfectly designed for life are, according to Vince Vitale two of the greatest advances in Science that point to our creator God.


This is exciting, @craignorthwood77! I find that the question of suffering is always a huge obstacle…not just for those who do not follow Christ or believe that there is a God, but for people of faith as well. I know I’m still grappling with different aspects of it myself! It’s a huge topic, but I think it’s worth diving into on a training day. :slight_smile: