Suicidal thought

What Can I Say or how Can I help a Christian brother who has a suicidal thought ?


I’ll be praying about this for you because I’d like to give you a personal response. I don’t want to take too long in responding, though, in case this is urgent for your friend, so I checked the archives of Ask Away to see if they have ever discussed suicide. Two episodes came up in my search.

May God give you wisdom as you reach out to your friend. Thank you for serving him.

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Do you know how serious your friend is in contemplating suicide? Often it is necessary to consult a professional.

Also, do you know why he is suicidal? Suicidal thoughts can come from fear, guilt, feelings of failure, having no purpose, depression, or mental illness. Understanding the cause of his feelings will help you find answers for him. Being with him, loving him, and listening is most important.

Since it is so personal, I don’t know what advice to share. And I know you may not be able to share personal details you learn from him. I’m praying God gives you wisdom.

You might find the discussion at Suicidal Thoughts helpful.

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