Suicide - heaven or hell

Dear friends ,
Recently , I have faced a very challenging question among my overseas ministry.
An incident among there congregation has raised this question.
Recently , A strong and very mature Servant of Christ has terminated his life by suciding. He was very sick mentally last few months but doing the ministry and talked with me over phone sharing many verses . We prayed together .
Also , he requested me continue to pray for him n his family .
Now, the whole church is upset and emotionally broken as they are told that that servant will go to hell.
That hurt the church people and everyone looking for right answer asking me.
His family with young children are so broken to hearing this as they are also going church.

My view shared with them,
I told them that Jesus is full of grace and truth. He is merciful . He never allow any one to be perished .
Salvation is a gift and no gift is taken back except it is a loan which need to be pay back.
One weak work for a servant of a Christ will not judge him for hell. As he was a very faithful servant and I worked long time in Evanlegical ministry there .
It’s now on Lord’s mercy .

Please let me know all of your response. It’s very important for them to continue journey with Christ .


@san Thank you for sharing your question—I am praying for God’s people in your care that their faith and trust in Christ would be strengthened as they process this difficult news. May the Spirit of Christ fill them with faith, hope, and love in as they consider this question.

Below are some additional resources and thoughts that I would focus on if shepherding God’s people through such a tragedy.

  • We are adopted sons and daughters of God - He is not going to kick us out of His family every time we make a mistake - we are His kids. Our eternal destiny is not determined by a single act, but by our status as children of the King. When we accept Jesus, we become members of His family.
  • We see in the life of Peter that Jesus forgave him for denying Him 3 times and that even after receiving God’s Spirit Peter had to be rebuked for ostracizing the Gentiles. Yet God was gracious in restoring Peter.
  • We cannot know someone else’s eternal destiny, but we can trust that God is good and just and true. The judge of all the earth will do what is right—He has proven His love for us through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection for us.
  • Mental illness is a type of medical condition and we as the Church need to recognize that it can render an individual incapable of making wise decisions.
  • Suicide is a serious sin and we must never presume upon God’s grace. God calls us to trust Him with our whole lives no matter how difficult our circumstances.

Dear Sean,
Praise God.
Thank you for your very open and true response .
It’s encouraging.

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