Surrendering myself completely

I seem not be bold when I have an opportunity to witness- I can write or talk with someone on the phone, but in person not so much. I believe what the Scriptures say that the Holy Spirit will give me words. Is this unbelief, or disobedience?


Hi Toni,

First of all, I see that you have that desire to be a bold witness and that’s great! Also being at the Global Apologetics Conference and connecting with RZIM is a great way to be equipped and to grow in boldness and knowledge.

I completely agree with you that the Holy Spirit will give you the words at the time. That belief, actually, should encourage us to step out more in boldness, knowing that we don’t have to have the perfect response. Ultimately, people will come to Christ not because of our clever words or persuasive speech but because of the Spirit moving in their heart (1 Cor 2:4)

You could definitely pray and ask God to search your heart to see if there is any unbelief or disobedience, but sometimes, it’s just our own self-consciousness or unwillingness to make mistakes or look bad that stops us (I know it’s that way for me).

But praise God that as we step out, He blesses our small acts of faith!