Surrendering your life to the Lord

I am constantly reminded that even when I think I have destroyed my life that the Lord will surely turn his back on me. When I feel that the Lord is not in my life and I am hanging on with a single battered, bloody finger that has no strength left in it and I am ready to give up and fall.
I am reminded again and again. I am trying desperately to do things on my own in my own strength and power.
That is not what the Lord ever intended or wanted for us or for me.
When I am weak and vulnerable and unable to go on.
I sense the Lord saying I am here to help you to strengthen you. I can carry you through this. You were never meant to do this on your own.
That is when I can feel his love and compassion flowing over me and through me.
What I am finding so amazing is that Jesus as part of the Trinity. The number of times that He is recorded in Scripture of going away to a quite place to pray.
The son of God going away to pray. Yet I look at my prayer life and think foolishly I got this.
I have no clue the power and connection with God and the Trinity prayer can give each of us.
I was also thinking about when I became a Christian. The things the Lord showed me as well as the pain and damage other Christians caused me all in the name of the Lord.
Why do Christians shoot their wounded?
When I was struggling with my new found faith why did others make it their mission in life to let people know who and what I was. That I should be treated like a leper an outcast.
I have long since forgiven them. At the time it hurt me deeply.
Now I am constantly reminding myself that I am a sinner saved by grace nothing more nothing less.
I am a child of God. Let that sink in and it is amazing and humbling.
May the Lord watch over you and protect you both from yourself and from the world. I know I need all the protection I can get from the world but especially from myself.


@CharlesDavid, thank you so much for voicing thoughts that I think many of us may have experienced in our time alone. I pray against all the hurtful words spoken and I pray for complete healing in the Spirit for you. In my own life, as I look back I see that, while there were many Christians unable to see past my outward performance, there were always a few Christians who knew when to correct me for wrong motivations and encourage me when failing despite the right motivations. They had a genuine faith in Christ and desire to help. It is hard to get over when we are hurt in the body of Christ… The Why? question lingers for a long time…why did they choose to hurt? …many years sometimes. We think we have dealt with it, but the hurt tends to return. I thought I can share a few things that were helpful to me to deal with this nagging ‘why’ - 1) The Christians who hurt us are still growing and are probably hurting too being influenced by the evil one. In 1 John 5:19 we read, the whole world lies in the sway of the evil one. Even Christians are only as free from the evil one as they let themselves through their choices. 2) God will make all things right one day but for now we carry the cross. 3) I could have also hurt another unintentionally even if my conscience is clear. Paul talks about this in 1 Corinthians 4:3. 4) A healthy love and growth in the body of Christ needs much prayer and action. We cant lay our guard down against the principalities and forces, our real enemy influencing our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I hope this will be helpful. I am so glad to hear of your convictions of being a ‘child of God’ and God’s ever present help. Thank you for sharing the liberty you have experienced in Christ.


@CharlesDavid you keep it up. I love your testimony and your willingness to be open and transparent with your thoughts. I too pray that your are taken on the journey the Lord intends showing his every day faithfulness and care for you. You are a child of God and your experiences will be shared with so many others who have experienced similarly. They will come to you in times of their trouble and doubts. Know that you are called and loved by God and the Children of God as well, especially here.