Susan J H

(Susan Jil Hoff) #1

Hi everyone! It’s good to be with you. I’m from Minnesota and Arizona, and look forward to growing in the Lord from this experience. I am honored to be here. I love to think of the Lord, all things theological, and especially I anticipate seeing Christ face to face one of these days. Perhaps I can contribute to the growth of others with thoughtful questions.

(Lou Hablas) #2

Welcome Susan! Minnesota and Arizona are beautiful states! What brought you to Connect? I look forward to reading your questions/responses, and hope the Community is a blessing to you as you undoubtedly will be a blessing to it!

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(Susan Jil Hoff) #3

Hi again, I am invited here because of RZIM academy courses I took a few years ago. How about you?

(Lou Hablas) #4

Hi Susan! I’m here because Carson @CarsonWeitnauer made me join. :slight_smile: Actually, I’d always wanted to become more involved with Connect and Carson provided wonderful encouragement to do so. As an RZIM employee, I’m often focusing on supporting our internal staff and don’t take advantage of the breadth of resources and wealth of community and knowledge at my fingertips. Now, I’m striking a better balance between working for RZIM and contributing to the greater RZIM Connect community.

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Lou, I’m grateful for you… it is cool to see you engaging in Connect!

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(Lou Hablas) #6

Likewise you, brother!