Susie Boer

Say hello…Hello

Where are you from?Bow, Washington

What led you to join Connect? I wish to send a thank you message to Ravi Zacharias.

How do you hope to contribute? Letting Ravi known how deeply I appreciate all he has done.


@SusieBoer, thank you for taking the time to come and share a word of encouragement with Ravi and his family.

May God spur us on to love him and our neighbors more as we remember the example that Ravi has set for us.

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Welcome Susan,

How precious of you to let Ravi know how he has impacted your life.

Please share your kind words for Ravi in the link #ThankYouRavi :rose:

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Welcome aboard @SusieBoer. Thanks for coming along side us here from Washington. Your care and tribute is special. Thank you for adding to those expressing appreciation. Please engage in discussions here. You will be blessed and so will those you confer. God-bless you and your journey.

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