Sylvia Jewkes

I’m from a small place called Wawota Saskatchewan …

My husband has been part of Connect for awhile. Needless to say we have had some interesting discussions. around our dinner table.
I am interested in going deeper in my faith and this is one way to accomplish this along with attending some mini semesters.and bible studies .

I am not sure how I can contribute but time will tell.


Hi @sylvia.jewkes, Welcome to Connect! So glad to that you have decided to join us here as we learn and grow in conversation with one another. Its like your dinner table just got bigger…

So excited to have you on Connect with your hunger for deeper faith and attention to studying God’s Word. I hope you will enjoy exploring and listening…and when you are ready, that you will feel confident chiming in with your own questions, or responses to others’ posts. Welcome, Sylvia!


Welcome Sylvia it’s great to have join us in growing in wisdom.


Welcome aboard @sylvia.jewkes. I am sure the conversations at the dinner table have been different since your husband has joined here, or at least they hope so. Thank you for coming alongside us in continuing this ministry with your care and interests. I hope that the forum blesses your life and your path. And God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect @sylvia.jewkes!

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Hi Mom welcome to Connect :grin:


Hello Sylvia! :wave: Welcome to Connect! We are so happy to have you here. :heartpulse: I love the conversations that flow freely around a dining room table with family and friends, and especially around good food! :plate_with_cutlery: I hope you find many discussions here on Connect that you can take back daily to discuss. Please let me know if you have any needs or requests that I can pray for you! :pray:


@sylvia.jewkes Nice to meet you!

Hi Ms. Sylvia!

Oh my gosh! You’re not kidding. I had to google your town and it is little. 543 people. But I bet the community is tight knit?

Everyone here has been so wonderful to me since my arrival not long ago. This is such a great community in which to fellowship in Christ and dive deeper as you’re so lead. And you will be surprised how much you will have to contribute, just in this moment.

Welcome to Connect. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks everyone!

Hi Sylvia,

Welcome to the community! I am so encouraged to hear that conversations from Connect are leading to deeper conversations in your family. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello carson good to see you.

Welcome to Connect Sylivia! I think it’s great that your family has some good conversations like that. My daughters and I also like to discuss what we learn from RZIM. I hope you will find a chance to add to the wonderful conversations on this forum and enjoy the learning experience! God bless you! :blush:


Welcome @sylvia.jewkes to connect, I am pleased to meet you.


Hey Sylvia @sylvia.jewkes

If I am not mistaken, Wawota means “lot of snow” :snowflake: :snowman:, is that holding true this winter season?

This is going to be an incredible journey of topical conversation with your husband. I pray you both will grow deeper in your relationship with each other and God as you voyage together on Connect. :tulip:


Roseann yes Wawota means deep snow not many people know that. It’s not deep but once again very cold . Looking forward to learning more especially since I just figured out why I couldn’t respond to or read posts.I have now downloaded the app for my phone . When I joined I was on my computer. :smirk:


Looking forward from more from the cold :cold_face: snow :snowflake: girl :skier:

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Are you sure? It was -40 degrees Celsius yesterday but a balmy -21 today. Going on vacation soon to somewhere warm

LOL. now thats COLD. :cold_face: … I actually live somewhere warm :sunny:

The natives here in my state, vacation somewhere cold and tend to visit Colorado in Feb & March :smile: