Talking to friends at work

(Shawn Suttle) #1

Good morning!

I have a few friends at work that say they are Christian. At first this was great news for me and I was so excited to have coworkers who believed as I do. But after getting to know them better I’m afraid to say that the churches to which they belong are very liberal. They do not believe the Bible is completely true or authoritative, among other views that are way out there. And although they both regularly attends church with their wife, their lives are very contrary to what it means to be a Christ follower.

My question is - How do I talk to them about Jesus when they believe that they already do have a saving relationship with Him? And how should I go about doing that considering the fact that these are coworkers. Right now I consider them friends and they consider me a friend. If I offend them with my beliefs I may find myself with a few less friends and unemployed.


(SeanO) #2

@ssuttle1 I work at a scientific institution and have a number of colleagues who go to religious institutions that do not truly believe in the resurrection or in the uniqueness of Christ, but I have had great discussions with them. Generally in a work setting I simply wait for them to bring up the topic or ask me questions. Usually the people who really want to know recognize my beliefs and ask me a few probing questions, then if they are still interested they dig deeper.

I try not to push the conversations - I share my opinion honestly and what I hope is persuasively when the opportunity arises. My main goal is just to have a meaningful dialogue without seeming pushy or invasive. I will push a little deeper if I sense that they genuinely want to know - like when my Hindu colleague started asking me deeper questions about faith - we read his holy book and the Bible a bit together.

I’ve been able to talk about topics that would normally be considered offensive by just waiting for opportunities to arise rather than being pushy. And then being what I hope is wise in how I frame my answers or thoughts in the conversation. No one has been overtly offended.

May Christ grant you wisdom as you engage with your coworkers :slight_smile:

(Shawn Suttle) #3

Thank you for the sound advice! This is great!

(SeanO) #4

@ssuttle1 Sure thing - will pray that the Lord provides you opportunities to share with your coworkers and opens their hearts to His love / truth.

(Bronwyn pearse) #5

Hi Shawn you are in a challenging situation One to which I can relate. In my work environment there are those also who when pressed say they are Christians but don’t appear to be walking on relationship with him. In some respects we really don’t know truly where someone’s heart is only god knows . That being the case , with those I feel I have a friendship with I play the “we are all in the same boat ‘ scenario . I talk to them as though they have perhaps a clearer walk than I believe. I share interesting stories of recent miracles I have heard of in my church or ones I’ve had in my family. I chat about life and they begin to open up . I also go out of my way to do things for them , bring them a coffee , do an extra yard duty, ( I’m a teacher) basically be Christ like. The aim I believe is to encourage them in their own journey . Make them feel better for knowing you . As a mature Christian I don’t think we should be afraid of mingling with others who are not as strong. God can use You powerfully when you are a genuine friend. God bless you in your adventure at work. Remember god has “prepared good works for us in advance , good works that will last. “ why shouldn’t we believe that these works are not at our work place ‘ our mission field ‘ regards Bronie

(Shawn Suttle) #6

Thank you very much for your encouragement! I really appreciate it! God bless you!

(Yosua Hardistianto) #7

if they are offended then you are not close enough. I thing if you are some kind of best best best friend ever, than there is no such room to feels offended because of “perspective” (not to joking the bible authority)

(Michael Petrie) #8

Shawn Suttle…Your heart for those around you and their desperate need for relationship and not just religion shows distinctly how God is working in your heart. Kudos to you for making the attempts on determining how to reach them.

SeanO gives excellent advice (I make it a point to try to read his postings) and I could not agree more. I would submit that you, living your life as Christ commands and the holy spirit leads, will be an excellent example in and of itself.

Within the RZIM family, there are many folks making postings that are clearly gifted from God to engage eloquently, but never lose sight of the fact that, you sir, are uniquely placed in your workplace to be salt and light; not them. So if I could emphasize the need to just be real, in Christ and demonstrating Him in all that you do. What does that look like?..I Peter2:1; I Peter 4: 7-11; 2 Timothy 2: 22-26; Colossians 4:6…and many others.

My Point: People will know you are different and ask questions more and more. Your excellent witness will drive them to seek you out when their world comes crashing down…and it WILL come crashing down because that’s what happens in life as we live in this fallen world and it may not be any doing of their own. Be ready by being as close to Jesus Christ in relationship with Him as possible, but look for ways to interject faith topics into the conversation_…“How was your weekend Shawn?”. “Good. Interesting topic at church on Sunday that really made me think about____. It got me to wondering what that would look like in my life. What is your opinion on that topic?”

(Shawn Suttle) #9

Thank you for the very encouraging words! I really appreciate them. @SeanO does give much solid advice! I love this whole RZIM community! This is just what my faith-walk needs!

Thank you all!

(SeanO) #10

@ssuttle1 So glad to hear you are being encouraged! I too am thankful for this community. May the Lord continue to lead and guide us as we build one another up.