(Tate Kandi) #1

Hi there,

My name is Tate & I’m from Leicester, UK and I’m here to learn more on how to answer difficult questions. I’m also the Young Adults & Students leader at our church and we encounter a few young people visiting us from different religions and/or denominations. So I guess I need all the biblically sound help I can get in navigating these conversations with truth, clarity, wisdom & grace. I hope to contribute anything that may be helpful to other people in dealing with young adults and students (although I’m still learning also). I also might share resources I have found helpful that people might not necessarily know about subject to permission from those who moderate this site of course.

Otherwise, here is to continued learning and support in building the Kingdom of God.

God bless,

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @tatekandi,

You’ve joined for a great reason. I appreciate your heart to help others. Connect thrives when we each come with a desire to help other members - and, I trust, the questions you ask will also help us think through many issues with kindness, respect, and a love for our Lord and his word to us. I’m glad you’ve joined!


(Daniel) #3

Welcome Tate. It’s great to hear you have such a heart for young adults and students. God give you the right words in your conversations with them. Thanks for sharing resources :+1:

(Nii Amarfio) #4

Hi @tatekandi. Love your name. It’s a pleasure to have you here. I look toward to hearing your questions and take on the word of God.