I read Leviticus 19:28 as an old testament law not made new with the new testament. Thus, tattoos from my perspective weren’t a big deal. My wife ( a baptized believer) has 5 and is thinking about a 6th. Now we have a family member suggesting to our children that the leviticus ruling was for all time. And that anyone with tattoos or getting tattoos is against the will of God. What is your perspective on tattoos?


Great question. Check out: Tattoos and God's temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

Also: Is it okay for Christians to get tattoos?

I hope these discussions help. God-bless you and your journey.


The link @Keldon_Scott gave you is an excellent response to me. I have a brother-n-law who was an atheist for a greater part of his life. When he became a Christian, he had scripture tattooed all over his arms. The only caution I would give is, it sets you up for judgement from other Christians. He has had to deal with that and it can be hurtful. We don’t know a persons heart, only God knows.
I personally don’t have any but I have entertained the thought of getting an Ichthys to cover up a small scar on my shoulder :wink:
And some of the most loving, giving Christians I’ve met have tattoos :slightly_smiling_face:
FYI, I just love your profile picture!


@scottbeau Personally, I think that it is an issue of conscience for the believer. I would not get one because I feel it could be a hindrance to sharing the Gospel in my context and I’m just not that fond of the idea, but I know @David_Cieszynski shares in the thread below that his Christian tattoos have opened the door for him to share about Jesus in a non-confrontational way.

"Some within the Christian community consider tattoos and body piercings to be a desecration of the image of God on the basis that they (1)violate the believer’s conscience and God’s Law, (2)mutilate the physical body, (3)hinder unity within the church, and (4)glorify the ungodly and vulgar. In contrast, other believers consider them to be a demonstration of the image of God on the basis that they (1)exhibit artistic beauty, (2)express the free will of the believer, (3)create diversity within the church, and (4)can be a means to express spiritual truth.

Tattoos and body piercings are in themselves neither moral nor immoral. In biblical cultures, tattoos and body piercings were symbols of ownership by, devotion to, identification with, and protection by a deity or master. Depending on which deity or master these symbols represent, therefore, tattoos and body piercings either may desecrate or demonstrate the image of God. Believers who are considering tattoos or body piercings first should be led by their consciences, then should consider the effects that such symbols will have on their physical bodies, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual lives."