TAWDE: Or the Dreadful Consequences of Bad Arguments

Hi Everybody! @Interested_In_Book_Studies,

As you know, at the heart of RZIM is the philosophy ‘Answering the questioner, not just the question.’ This is so important because, while having head knowledge is necessary, knowing how to interact in a thoughtful manner may be the only way you have a chance to actually be heard.

So, at the invitation of @CarsonWeitnauer, I’m going to be leading a book discussion for the community on Andy Bannister’s book The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist: Or the Dreadful Consequences of Bad Arguments. I absolutely love this book for a multitude of reasons with a few being that it teaches how to recognize faulty arguments, gives the intellectual side of the response, shows how to give a winsome answer, and all of it seasoned with good British humor.

We’ll plan to begin the book a week from today (Monday, November 11, 2019). That should give you plenty of time to get a copy from your library or order it online. Amazon has both the hard copy and a kindle version through this link. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to get your copy before we begin because although it’s very informative and educational, it’s also an easy read (another plus) so you should be able to catch up quickly. In fact, the first time I read the book I did it from cover to cover over a 3-day weekend.

The plan is to read and discuss one chapter a week until we finish the book. And, maybe we’ll even be able to get Andy to comment on our discussion and answer a few questions for us!

Let me know in the replies below if you’re interested in doing this journey together :blush:


Yes I’d like to join. I haven’t read this book yet.


Sounds like very useful information!



I have just ordered the book on line but will not receive it until around 20 November. I have a small study group in my home on Tuesdays and we look at Apologetics so this will be a very helpful study.


Hi @gnslaser, this might be wildly unrealistic, but it would be cool if your small group joined in together!

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Hello Carson,

It would be an excellent idea. I like it. When you say join in, do you mean via the book study page? Our time differences would be hard to make it possible. I suppose it would be a case of me presenting the comments from book study and then share with my group. Then post our replies in written form? Is that how it might work? I have not done a group thing like that before so am a bit unsure of practicality?? I am soon going to open up my studyy group to anyone from my church who is keen but at present only have 3 others.

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It’s great to see the book study topic startup again. I very much liked the format and the exchange. I am not sure that I will be able to participate in this one but I do think that it is a great use of the forum.

Hi @gnslaser, great follow-up! I just mean, invite your small group (and church) to join RZIM Connect and participate in the book discussion right here in the community as well as when you meet in person. That way they are getting even more perspectives on the book and increased opportunities to study and grow in their understanding with you.

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I had a quick chat with our group and they feel that firstly we get the book and then see if we want to join a larger forum. I think they can’t see how to respond so I suggested if we do join, we would simply put our thoughts into precis format then submit and see how that works out. Having said that, they are not against the idea, they just need to get comfortable with the idea first. So we shall see how it goes once we read and review ourselves first.



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Hi Geoff, that makes sense. I appreciate you bringing the idea up with them. I think if they create an account in RZIM Connect and give it a try they’ll find it relatively easy to use. But I also respect and appreciate that some people aren’t comfortable with this format.