Taylor Cargile

Hi! My name is Taylor Cargile. I live about an hour south of Houston, TX. I have initially joined to send a “#ThankYouRavi” message, but I see this is a good place for fruitful discussion. I hope to gain knowledge and wisdom from fellow believers, and help other people that may have been through similar things as me.

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Hello Taylor, welcome from your eastern neighbor in WV. Thanks for your Ravi # appreciation post. Connect is a truly great place to learn and grow in the truth of His Kingdom.
The fruitful endeavors helped many to strive to the next level of understanding. Be safe out there.

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Hello @Taylor_Cargile From one Texan to another, I welcome you to Connect. I am up the road from you a little in the capital city.

I saw from your post you wanted to send a message to Ravi. If you need the link to do so you can find it here #ThankYouRavi I know that he and his family appreciate your kind words and encouragement during this time.

I joined this forum about a year ago and have been very blessed by the different cultures, backgrounds, perspectives and areas of giftedness that I have encountered. I have met many wonderful people.

We invite you to ask your questions or start a discussion on a topic that you are interested in. Please let us know if we can serve you in any way.

Mary Beth

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Welcome to connect @Taylor_Cargile. There is so much blessing in engaging at connect. The discussions are very heartfelt and meaningful. I hope that you get a chance to participate. Thank you for being with us. God-bless you and your journey.