Teach the Next Generation the Power of God’s Love

This week we celebrate Ravi’s legacy through Take Five, as RZIM Africa adjunct speaker Hassan John looks at the power children have to cross boundaries, to transcend conflicts and to stir up warmth, a power that we should never fail to harness.

One thing we cannot shy away from is to show [our children] the moral Law Giver…There is usually a contradiction when some people accept and teach these moral laws but dismiss the truth that there is a Law Giver.

Children will grow to be the caretakers of God’s creation, leaders of God’s people, and those who will account for every responsibility laid on them. We cannot deny them the knowledge of God they will meet someday face to face.

What power children have to stir up warm and kind emotion in us all.

Make it Personal

  • What is the significance and repercussions of teaching children about moral laws without teaching them about the moral law giver?

  • How have you seen children creating bridges for sharing and experiencing God’s love?


Thank you for these truths. We were married 12 years when we adopted my newborn cousin. We wanted to raise a child for God. We wanted that parenting role. That is what we did. We did not raise him in the ways and traditions of our families and that caused conflict. Today our son is attending Bible college and maturing into the man God would have him be. I taught him who he is in Gods eyes and part of that was having our DNA tested. I had taught my son the oral tradition of who we are. The DNA taught a bigger picture. My son delights in who he is. God brought people from western Africa, central Asia, Russia and Alaska together through time to create this beautiful child. My son is strong in who he is. We taught him God.