自己紹介をお願いします!Tell us about yourself!

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こんにちは ! My wife and I have felt called to serve long-term in mission in Japan with an organization called OMF. OMF operates from the Tokyo area and up, and we will be in Hokkaido once we arrive in hopefully EOY 2020. I have always been very interested in apologetics and am so excited and encouraged by the transformation God is bringing to the Japanese people through apologetics. I was so moved at Razi’s time in Japan and the talk he was able to give. We will spend our first term focusing on language and culture studies, but then will transition into a church planter role. I would absolutely love to continue using and being a part of the Christian apologetic community in Japan. We have been able to engage in some very meaningful relationships here with Japanese, and Lord willing, my wife, daughter, and I will be doing that among the Japanese in a couple of years.

Currently we are planting a church in Richmond Tx. with a couple of other families and we just had our first public launch service this past Sunday (Jan. 27th). When transitioning to the Japanese mission field we hope to be a part of church planting efforts there too.


はじめまして、Rizさん!Thank you so much for joining us. I was born in Fukuoka, and my grandfather and my uncle are pastors of Aburayama Shalom Church in Fukuoka.
I pray that your ministry will be fruitful in Japan!



こんにちはZacharyさん!Thank you for introducing yourself. I am very excited to hear that you are planning to come to Japan as a missionary. I know some wonderful missionaries from OMF, and I am looking forward to serving the Lord with you in Japan.



Thank you Yutaro! We have both felt so strongly that the Lord is leading us this way. During our time in Hokkaido this past summer, almost every pastor we chatted with shared a similar sentiment that Japanese soil is ripe for harvest, but the workers are few. Our family is so excited to be able to serve the Lord and the see His mighty work among the Japanese!








Hi, this is Sho from Tokyo, and living in Kanazawa for the next three years. I feel it necessary for the Japanese Christians to be able to explain who we believe and why we believe explicitly to those who ask these questions. Hope to get to know you friends here!


私の名前は池上 大輔です。千葉でヤングライフスタッフという大学伝道をしています。

RZIM connectに関わるきっかけとなったのは、5年ほど前のYoutubeでラヴィ・ザカライアス氏のメッセージを見て、そこから彼の本を読むようになり、2017年にアメリカのRZIMのヘッドクオーターでの弁証論のトレーニングに参加することがきっかけで参加するようになりました。

現在、ラヴィ・ザカライアス氏の本を日本語翻訳し、日本で出版し、日本のクリスチャンの信仰を伝える上での助け、励ましになれたらと考え行動もしています。将来的には他のRZIMの弁証論家(アブドゥ・マーリ氏、ヴィンス・バイタル氏など)の本も日本語へ翻訳できればと思っています。伝道していく上でも、また自らの信仰を確立させていく上でも弁証論、RZIMの働きはとても重要なものであると思います。周りの人たちの信仰の励ましのためにRZIM Connectを通して関わっていけたらと思っています。

Hi My name is Daisuke Ikegami

Where are you from?

:I am an international Young Life stuff in CHIBA, Japan.

What led you to join Connect?

: Almost 5 years ago, I found Ravi’s message video on Youtube. Since then, I started read his books.
In 2017, I was able join Emerging Apologists Conference in Georgia, the time, I was introduced to RZIM connect and joined it.

How do you hope to contribute?
Now, I am translating some of Ravi’s book into Japanese, and I would like to publish it in Japan for to help and encourage Japanese Christians who sharing their faith in Christ to non believers. In the future, I would like to publish other RZIM speakers books, such as Abdu Murray and Vince Vitale. What RZIM teaching is one of the important ways to build our faith in Christ and outreaching. I hope that I can help and encourage to the other people’s understanding of faith in Christ through RZIM connect.
God bless you.



昨年のRZIM Tokyoのイベントでお会いできて感謝でした。

こんにちは :smiley:
私の名前はジョイ・ジャシンタ・セルバラジです。私の出身は南インドのチェンナイです。2005年に自分の家族と一緒に神様の偉大な祝福を通して日本へ旅行することができて続いて2011年に日本で早稲田大学院を卒業後日本で働く機会をもらいました。自分が洗礼を受けてクリスチャンになったのは日本でした。約3−4年前からは信仰に対する深い質問やその答えを知りたいと言う憧れを感じまして、YouTubeでRavi先生のビデオを見ました。そこから自分がRZIMがオンライン上提供されている記事や雑誌やポッドキャストを楽しみにして真剣にフォローしています。昨年東京で開催されたRZIMの初イベントに参加出来てRavi先生を含めて,Yutaroさん,Tracyさん,Maxさん,Danさんに会えることは非常に貴重な機会でした。今後皆さんと一緒日本でChristian Apologeticsを広げていく活動に貢献する用に協力したいと思っています。今後のRZIMの日本への活動は重要だ信じて楽しみにしています。よろしくお願いします。

Hello everyone this is Joy Jacintha Selvaraj :smiley: . I was born and raised in the city Chennai, India. I was raised as a Catholic and it was in the year 2005 our mighty Lord led my family to Japan on a trip. I made a personal decision to follow Christ and became a born again Christian when I was a student at Waseda University, Tokyo. A couple of years ago I sensed a longing to know the answers to the deeper questions on Faith and I came across Dr. Ravi’s talks and message via Youtube. Ever since I have been following several RZIM’s resources online. It was a blessing to meet Dr Ravi and Yutaro san, Ms Tracy, Mr Max, Mr Dan and several other members of the RZIM team at the first RZIM event in Tokyo last year. I’m excited to belong to this family as our hearts are united for the beautiful nation of Japan. The Lord in His grace and mercy has instilled in me a desire to continue to learn and grow in my relationship with Christ and thus engage young minds both in Japan and India to bring them the Hope and comfort that only He can provide.
Have a lovely day/evening ahead,


自己紹介ありがとうございます。昨年はシンガポールで行われたEmerging Apologists Programmeにも参加いただきありがとうございました。ジョイさんの日本を愛し日本人に福音を伝えたいという思いを感謝します。
RZIM Connectでもよろしくお願いします!

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Hello everyone! I am from New Hampshire USA. A long way from Japan. Almost as far away as you can get. This may be a little off topic but my son is graduating from college soon and plans to apply to travel to Japan with an organization that brings native English speakers to Japan to attend classes with Japanese students while they learn English. The program is called JET or Japanese English Teaching.

Andrew is a born again Christian and serious about his faith, but I don’t think evangelism is his main focus for going. I think he is just very interested in Japanese culture and cooking. He is a culinary student and quite good at it. This would not be the oddest start to missionary life.

Being so far removed from Japan I guess I am looking for some insight on this goal of his. He is at an age where he needs to make his own way, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go before him in prayer, right?:slightly_smiling_face:

I look forward to any thoughts you can share.


Yutaroさん、こんにちは!こちらこそ宜しくお願いします!シンガポールと東京で皆とお会い出来て本当に祝福でした、また会う機会を楽しみにしていますよ。最近香港で行われた’Asia Founders Conference’について色々なソーシャルメディアアップデイトを読んでいました。:smiley:

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Yutaroさん、一つ質問があります :pray: 日本が大好きな一人の友達がいます :smiley: 彼がApologeticsにも興味を持っているようですので彼を「Japan Apologetics Community」に参加するようにおすすめしましたがどうすればいいですかね。。彼のメールアドレスをYutaroさんに教えて方が良いですか?

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Hello Timothy, thank you for introducing yourself!
It is great to hear that your son might be coming to Japan! I think it is going to be very important for him to take part in a good Christian community once he starts living in Japan. Christian lives require encouragements from one another and it helps standing firm in the faith, especially in a foreign context. And meeting many godly Christians both from the local communities and overseas will give him ideas to explore what he is called to do for the Lord.
I can introduce him to my friends in Japan when the plan gets confirmed so do send me a DM to let me know.

God bless you!


ぜひお友達にJapan Apologetics Communityへ参加していただけたら嬉しいです!
このRZIM Connectに登録していただけたら、誰でもJapan Apologetics Communityにアクセスできるようになるはずなので、まずお友達にRZM Connectにアカウントを登録してもらってください。

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:smiley: Yutaroさん返事してくれてありがとうございます。そうなんですね,是非友達にアカウントを登録するようにお願いしますので宜しくお願いします。

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Thank you for your reply. I will let you know what develops in his plans. I agree that the Christian community will be very important, but as you may well know, I can find options for him but he has to choose to connect. It might be better if I had him connect with you directly. We will see. Thanks again.


Hello to all! I previously posted my intro in the general connect community but its more appropriate here…

My name is Janie in Nagano prefecture. I’m originally from the US but have lived more than half of my life in Japan. I’ve been listening to RZIM podcasts and following their ministry for about 2 years. It has helped me in deepening my relationship with God and my local church. I recently learned about RZIM apologetics group in Japan. I’m excited to see how God is working in the 2nd largest unreached nation.

Honestly, though, I wish the Asia pacific hq of RZIM was based in Japan where there is so much work to be done, but I also know that His plans are perfect for us, so I pray for His kingdom to spread in Japan and to every nation.

I’m not much of a writer and sometimes have trouble expressing my thoughts so I’ll pray that God leads me to contribute in whichever way I can.