Temple of Yahweh


Has anyone heard of a largely Hispanic group who call themselves the Temple of Yahweh?

Second group calls themselves Black Hebrew Israelites.

Can anyone tell me what their beliefs are and where they come from?


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@carmen CARM has an article on the Black Hebrew Israelites discussing origin, teaching, etc. They also have an article on something called the ‘Assemblies of Yahweh’ - did not see anything on ‘Temple of Yahweh’.

Origins : One sect originated before the Civil War. There was another sect founded later in 1896, the Church of God and Saints of Christ, by William Crowdy. In the 1980s other sects began to appear, such as those lead by Yahweh Ben Yahweh (1935 - 2007), or Hulon Mitchell, Jr. There are a number of other sects of this broad Hebrew Israelite movement known as the Commandment Keepers, The Law Keepers, House of Judah, and the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, just to name a few.1



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I met a man two weeks ago who hasn’t been especially clear in explaining his worldview to me. The Black Hebrew Israelite description in the link seems to check a lot of the boxes, though. Thanks for posting. This is helpful!

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@jeffbt14 Glad it was helpful! May Jesus grant you wisdom as you talk with this individual.


Hi Sean, I had looked up the Crowder reference circa 1869, however, the woman I spoke with told me her ancestry.com test indicated that she was Hebrew. She’s an African- American from South Carolina but now believes she’s from a tribe that New Jersey slavetraders called “eeboo” or “Hebrew”. I’ve been witnessing to her husband for a few years now, both of them were nominal Catholics. He’s upset at her new zeal for this sect he doesn’t understand and asked me to witness to her, which I did. She reads only the Old Testament, stays home on the Sabbath and is now looking for a building to start an “Assembly”. So I will continue my research as there are several offshoots of this sect. Thank you for your speedy reply!

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@carmen She sound quite devout. Thankful that you are there to share Jesus’ love and truth. You may also find some of these resources helpful :slight_smile:

Have you asked her why she is so drawn to this particular sect when we are all one in Christ Jesus?

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Definitely some similarities with the man I recently met. He is also African-American. He legally changed his name to a Hebrew name to get out from under his slave name. He’s made comments similar to what you’ve mentioned, but he ascribes to other beliefs like how Christians generally don’t follow a true Messiah because the letter “J” didn’t exist in Paleo-Hebrew (i.e. Jesus isn’t the real Messiah.) He believes Yahawashay is the great I AM. He places great emphasis on using names that only include Paleo-Hebrew letters. We continue to keep up a good dialogue. Praying now for him and the woman you are witnessing to.

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Great resource! Thanks again!

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