Tensy Santamaria

Hi, my name is Tensy,

I’m originally from Mexico City, but I’ve lived in Memphis, TN since 1993

What led you to join Connect?
I have two children, and I’ve been involved with them in their school activities, and I’ve noticed how kids these days are desperately searching for answers, but they don’t know where to find them. And God put this desire in my heart to learn how to explain or how to let them know about Christ’s love for them.

How do you hope to contribute?
I’m not sure yet, I’m new to this, but my heart is on fire for the Lord and the desire to be able to do what He has put in my heart, I think what I can contribute with right now is with prayers for all of you, for me and for all those kids who are out there searching without knowing that what they’re searching for is Jesus.
Thank you RZIM for all you do!


Welcome, @Tensysantamaria! What an admirable thing to step up your search for answers to help your children in their faith journey! One thing I know about fire is that it spreads. Keep that flame of faith going in your heart and I am sure it will have a positive impact on those around you. That includes us here on connect! Please ask as many questions as you like! We are here to help each other. We look forward to your contributions as well.

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Great to hear from you Tensy. Welcome to connect.

I feel quite confident that RZIM and all its programs will help you as you raise and teach you kids. I found that when my two kids were in school, they were never taught to think for themselves. To reason things out and to apply critical thinking in order to come to a conclusion. I Know they don’t always have the answer, but I also know that my kids will not accept everything they hear without applying some reason and thought to it. RZIM was and still is a great help to me, and my family now enjoys discussing some of the tough questions of life.

Raising children in this day and age is a challenge, especially for those that follow Christ.
Be encouraged that it is a worthwhile endeavour to teach your kids to be critical thinkers able to contend and defend the faith. Proverbs 22 verse 6

Looking forward to hearing great things from you about how God is working in your life and the life of your family.

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Hi Tensy and welcome. I am also new to this and finding my way. Welcome and I hope you are encouraged along the the way by other believers.
God bless you.

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Hi @Tensysantamaria, welcome to connect! You are so right. We search and search, all the while, Jesus is waiting, with arms “wide open.”
–“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”
Thank you for your heart in wanting to guide our youth. I trust you will be a blessing here. Enjoy browsing and feel free to join in the conversations :pray:

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@Tensysantamaria! Hello from a fellow Memphian!! In which part of the city do you spend most of your time? We’re so glad you’ve joined us on Connect, and we pray that this community will be one that strengthens and encourages you as ‘do life’ there in the Bluff City. I will resist playing the wonderful Southern game of ‘Do You Know So-and-So?’, but I am curious how you have found Memphis as compared to a much larger city of Mexico City? :slight_smile:

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