Terrance Clark

Hey everyone,

I’m originally from Miramichi, New Brunswick Canada, but currently live in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada with my wife and our Jack Russel Oliver.

Since becoming a Christian I have felt such a pull towards sharing my faith and the Gospel, but I almost always used to coward away from it as I never felt prepared. Then one of my unsaved friends dies of a drug overdose. As I thought about where he is now I started thinking about all of my friends and family who passed away without turning to Christ. I then started to think about my unsaved friends, family, and coworkers who are still alive and decided to do whatever I can to point them to Christ but still didn’t feel like I knew what to say. I always enjoyed listening to Ravi Zacharias, then discovered the RZIM Academy. I took the Core Module last year and plan to take the electives.

I hope to contribute by sharing what I’ve learned and what I know (or at least what I think I know) to questions and conversations others are having and by asking questions I have that might make some people think.




Welcome Terrance you have found a great place to learn and grow. I too have regrets like you in regards to lost individuals. Though I did not speak to them directly about Christ my walk with Christ did. Actions always speak louder than words. One plants, one waters, Gods increase. Blessed that you are here


Welcome to Connect @clarktk! Glad you are here!

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@clarktk Nice to meet you!

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God bless you Terrence! You have a good heart and I pray you are able to bless many others in your witness to Christ. RZIM is such an enabler to those of us who feel ill equipped to share the gospel with others. I think that is such a common problem and I’m thankful for the many ways the Spirit guides us and helps us to gain knowledge and confidence. Connect has been a huge blessing and I hope you are encouraged by your participation here! :blush:

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Welcome aboard @clarktk. So glad you the conviction in your heart is heavy. You elected to equip yourself. Congratulations on completing the core module. Your guidance to so many here will help. The foundations you have are so key. So, enjoy the discussions. Participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.