Say hello… Hi,

I am from mid-atlantic area of USA.

I am on connect to stay in touch with some of my classmates and to continue my learning.

My interests are in geoscience and neuropsychology/quantum physics as well as outreach to those in the new age worldview.


Hi TerriLynn, welcome to connect!
They sound like really interesting interests, how did you get into them?
I hope you’re blessed by your time here, it’s a great place to continue learning :slight_smile:


Hi Terri-Lynn @tlday,

Welcome to Connect! I am so pleased that you have joined us here. I am looking forward to the insights you (and your classmates!) will bring to our conversations. I love that you are into quantum physics; I had a classmate in my RZIM course who gave a presentation on quantum theory (it was related to her Phd) and ever since I have found it fascinating…and a really interesting touch point for conversations about faith!

Also, you might enjoy connecting with @Jenny_Cerna who recently joined Connect—her testimony will be of interest to you as you minister to those coming from a New Age perspective.

May your learning continue and your faith, love, and witness flourish as you question, respond, and discuss here in this unique community. Again, welcome to Connect!


@tlday Nice to meet you!

Hi Tia,

I am a scientist that works in the medical field. My university studies however were in chemistry and geology where my interest was in isotope geochemistry – determining environments where rocks were deposited and what types of food ancient animals ate.

I ended up working in bioengineering after graduation and took further courses in engineering.

Because of family health issues, I became interested in brain imaging and individualized medications/studies. Which then peaked my interest mental illness, spiritual experiences and mystic experiences of people in the religious communities…(not the mental illness, but wondering how mental illness could be differentiated between that and religious experiences.)

Having existed in the academic world for over 20 years, I have friends involved in the New Age and Magickal communities. Hence, I am interested and working with them.

How about you?



Thank you Lizibeth,

I am really looking forward to studying with everyone. Every day I seem to learn something new. Thank you for the heads up on Jenny_Cerna, I will look into her. I feel like I am in over my head with the pagans (the new agers who claim they are witches etc.)

I need RZIM to keep my mind and my faith grounded.



Am happy to meet you Terri @tlday. Congratulations for completing you core module and also joining the connect family. Hope you core module session was great? And what is the most exciting aspect of the class?

Remain Lifted


I have absolutely been there in evangelism. I have found the most helpful thing for me is to not think about making an impact right away, but commit to playing the long game.



Welcome @tlday, it’s wonderful to have you here! I read through this thread and I really look forward to reading some of your insight. I have a few people in my circle who are into New Age so I too can relate to the feeling of being in over my head. We actually are but thankfully, we can appeal to the Creator of all things through Christ Jesus :pray:t3:
Even still, I find it very difficult to reign a conversation in. The allurement they are under really has a stronghold and they tend to dominate a conversation. Many times I walk away feeling somewhat defeated :confused: What are some of your biggest struggles?


I find after some (minor) persecution, it actually ends up making me stronger afterwards.

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Morning John Michael,

I have completed multiple courses offered by RZIM and am registered for more. I love the science elective and the Problem of Suffering the best so far because they are the most relavent to me personally. However, the entire Core, especially worldview and logic has been the most help to me so far in forming the thoughts as I prepare to reach out to people. My job requires very little interaction with people and conversation is my weakest ability. I love the questions that RZIM posses for us to ask people in the exercises and I really need this help the most.

To answer your question as far as what I liked the best, it would probably be easier to tell you what I am least excited about. The excitement level would be relative though, since I pretty much find everything exciting. I would say creationism was my least favorite because I had worked this out many years ago being a geology major. I did however enjoyed how John Lennox approached the subject and the people because, although I am strong in my understanding, I am very weak in expressing and sharing them.

What brought you to RZIM? What have you found most exciting?


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Thank you Jesse,

What topics are you interested in?


Hi Sig,

My biggest struggle with the new age groups is their knowledge and understanding of psychology and religion. Because they found the mind-body, scientific connection they aren’t aware of or not concerned by the spiritual connections and connotations. CS Lewis’s book “The Screwtape Letters” has really stated the problem well. In US and Europe we are so scientific minded that we do not give thought nor weight to how the emotional-spiritual interacts with the body/mind. I am happy to say that a few people are looking into proof of this through brain imaging etc but humans can only go so far. We are limited to the natural world and can’t completely comprehend anything above and beyond. Question is, are we willing to obey and trust prior to attempting understanding beyond the natural world?



Welcome and praise the Lord for His goodness in your desire in continuing to grow in knowledge, wisdom from above. Sounds like God has gifted you with a keen mind?
Share as often as you can


Hi Terri @tlday.

Its amazing to hear all you have accomplish and I am so blessed reading through. I have succeeded in taking just two elective: FSU and why suffering, all of these sessions have literally blow my mind. I desire to go for more elective in the future. Unfortunately, Conversation, science, and logic are my weakest but I hope to improve.

As to what brought me to the academy and my excitements, I began searching for ways to answer and solve the problem I see around me, especially among the youth. After a while I began listening to Dr Ravi and then join the Academy. The result have been awesome. Am so excited with all the session I have enrolled in, the lecturers and the moderator among others.

Its great discussing with you,

Grace and peace

From Kaduna Nigeria.


Wow! That’s really interesting! Sounds like you’re involved in many different areas. I find the brain side of things very interesting, I love all the new(ish) research starting emerge. We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made!

I’m an exercise physiologist so I enjoy looking into how the human body works :slight_smile:


A lot of stuff. I like music a lot. I have also studied some psychology. I also have done my share of Overclocking processors and GPUs.

But these days I am more interested in things like anthropology of the OT and the different names of God and what they mean. Basically, I am a word nerd. I love to study words.

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Hey Terri Lynn, welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Sig, I believe the skepticism in new agers is because if Christians are not knowledgeable of what they practice, then we won’t have a powerful influence in them. Mainly because they think they are more advanced than old school Christianity. We keep on loving them and representing Jesus light to them. If they see how in love we are with Jesus they will be interested in getting a piece of that Joy. Back to finding a way of being in their shoes, there is a great book called the second coming of the new age by Steven Bancaz and Josh Peck. Both ex new agers and now Christians. The book is a tool for Christians to get a briefing in what the new age beliefs are and how we can better respond questions. The new age is basically Eastern Mysticism and Paganism wrapped with a new spirituality title. Another great video I recommend is Megiddo 2: The New Age. It’s a 3 hour video free if you have Amazon Prime. Hope this helps!!

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