Testimony : God answers prayers and provides even in this difficult times of pandemic

I just would like to share my testimony how God moved and answered my prayers in this difficult times of pandemic.

My husband and I lead a small church ministry at the mountain area/s here in the city of Lipa(Batangas, Philippines). By the grace of God, we’ve planted the church more than five (5) years ago now. Most of the families live at the mountain areas are poor and jobless. To make a living, some tend pigs,others make wood charcoals and sell them, and some sell small amount of vegetables , some also do part time construction jobs.

When you are a church leader, you are concerned of the church members needs and at the beginning of total lockdown here in our place, I really wanted to bring help for the people at the mountain The thing is we don’t even have any church fund to at least give support for the families of our own church members.

And so I fasted and prayed to God that He would send help and provide for the people at the mountain, not only to our church members but to all the families living there as well. After one month and two weeks, God answered my prayer. On the first day of May(just last month),my elementary bestfriend whose family is base in Connecticut USA sent me a message through Messenger and told me she initiated or organized an Outreach Covid-19 project to give Care Packages for 170 to 180 families living at the mountain areas . She asked some of her friends to contribute or donate for the project and her friends responded positively and immediately. My bestfriend immediately received all the donations and in just 3days after asking her friends to contribute for the project, she was able to send me the cash donations for the Outreach Project . As soon as I received the money, I made an ITEMIZED PRODUCTS PROJECTION for the allocated budget for every family but due to shortage of supplies or unavailability of stock from supermarkets, the items projection was not followed so I made optional items.

Since it was lockdown period, we had to request permission or certification from the Mayor’s office to grant us to purchase bulk items/products for our Care Packages Distribution at the mountain. The preparation for this project was really tiring and so stressful. We had to fall in a long line before we could get in to the supermarkets. Sometimes it would take 2-3hrs before we could get inside the supermarket. One time my husband went to the supermarket in the afternoon and had to wait outside for 2hrs , only to be advised by the guard at the supermarket entrance to just come back the next day because people inside the supermarket already reached the allowed number of people on that afternoon. And it was not also that easy to repack items since the items are not the same for every family and because we were under ECQ, no one from our church members could come to help me for the repacking of items. It was only me, my husband and my two young daughters who repack all the items .

Anyway, after three weeks of patiently waiting of feedback from all online inquiries of products through On-line Direct Selling, FB Page and the like, there was only one product that was granted to us for our direct order, the rest of my inquiries and follow ups were to no avail but thanks be to God, we were able to complete all the items/products and were able to purchase bulk items from two supermarkets here in Lipa City on May 25. So on May 26 and May 27, we were able to distribute the Care Packages for the families at the mountain areas for our Outreach Covid-19 Project . The preparations and the house to house distribution of this project was really tiring but it all paid off to see the people happy and smiling for the care packages they received.:blush::heart:

I really thank the Lord and I was so humbled and grateful for the generous and kind-hearted people He has touched to support the project.

Wait, there’s still more :slightly_smiling_face: A day after the distribution of our Outreach Covid-19 Project, God surprised us for another project. This time, it’s for our Church Building Project. It has been by utmost prayer and desire for us to have a church building at the mountain.

Please let me share to you a brief testimony prior to our church building project.
We celebrated our 5th year church anniversary last Feb. During our anniversary, I announced or reminded to the church about our pledges for the church building. Last year, we made a list of construction materials as our pledges. So I reminded them and said, we should be the ones who will really start or make a move for our church building.
Just before our church anniversary, I thought of something important that I have that I could sell for my pledge. I pledged for 10bags of cement last year. So during our church anniversary I sold my cellphone but it was not my cellphone actually. It was my son’s, I confiscated it from him. He got a new cellphone gift last December from my aunt so I was the one who used his old cellphone, the one that I confiscated. I also sold the new brand jacket(as additional for my pledge) I received from my aunt because the size didn’t fit me. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me it was all by faith and it was just a little act of sacrifice selling my cellphone. God is so good! When His hand moves, He certainly use small things into great things to accomplish His wonderful plans for His people. From that small amount of pledge, God touched a certain church who didn’t even know us to send us donation for our church building funds. From then on, God used someone to raise funds to start the construction of our church building at the mountain . I am just so amazed how God is moving. We just had started the construction three weeks ago but there are already problems, oppositions, challenges along the way. Somebody has even threats on us. But thank God He made a way, we were able to talk a little to that person, things are getting okay now.

Prior to the start of construction our church building, the unbelieving husband of one of our church members remarked that it will take 10years before we could build a church building at the mountain and he said it’s because our church don’t have any funds. He wanted to personally use the lot donated for the church(for the church building) by his wife’s grandmother . My husband and I learned just recently from someone about his negative remarks.

God proves to us that in His mighty wisdom and power He can do great things for His people. Who would have thought that in this difficult times of pandemic , we could start building our church building at the mountain. Praises and glory to His Name! :pray: :pray: :pray: :heart:


Leny, thank you for sharing these triumphs with us! It’s wonderful to hear the different ways God works in people’s lives. Many blessings will flow through the work He is doing in your ministry there. God bless! :blush:


God bless your ministry. Thank you for sharing your blessings. I have prayed for your safety, peace in your community and church, as well as for congregants that their spiritual and physical needs are met.


Thank you for your encouragement Carrie, I really appreciate it. God bless .

I’m touched. Thank you Sir Keldon for taking the time to have prayed for us, greatly appreciated. God bless you.

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Hello, I would greatly appreciate if you could include us in your prayers. There has been more challenges, obstructions, struggles, difficulties since the day we began to build our church building .

Our small church ministry started at the mountain in February 2015. My family go to the mountain every Sunday for almost 2yrs but for more than three years we’ve been using our home garage as our “church garage” since we didn’t have yet church building at the mountain. My husband had to pick up the church members in the morning at the mountain to attend Sunday Worship Service and drive them back at the mountain in the afternoon for more than 3 yrs.The house that we live in for 7 yrs is located almost at the city proper. Someone who is kindhearted let us stay for free and have given the house to us as “payment agreement” for my husband’s assistance to the owner of the house. Sometime in 2018 we received a letter telling us to vacate the place because a certain realty owned it already.

A pastor acquaintance who’s working in a law firm advised my husband to take the case to his lawyer boss. We paid a certain amount of money but the lawyer and the pastor didn’t update us that much. Early January this year, we received a letter, it was a court decision already that the realty won the case . But the thing was, we didn’t have any hearing before we got the court decision letter. By God’s grace our stay here at the house was extended due to lockdown(pandemic). But this month the sheriff and companion came again . the owner of the house doesn’t want us to leave the house but we have to. We’ve already moved our things in the meantime at the house of our worship leader at the mountain. Tomorrow is our last day here at the house.

Thank you very much. God bless


I am sorry to hear about this Leny. I will be praying for you and your husband. :heart:


Thank you Carrie @gchop , appreciated it much. God bless your family :pray: :heart:

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Thank you @Leny_Abawan for sharing this. Your testimony is yet another example of how God is faithful and provides when we take the first step of faith. I was encouraged.



Thank you for sharing your heart. Fix your heart’s gaze into the shining countenance of our Heavenly Father (Proverbs 16:15) and let your heart’s song be in tune with our Chief Orchestrator and Conductor—so that He may be known (Philippians 3:10).

Will be praying.
(Philippians 3:14)