Testimony: The Faith of a Child

I grew up listening to the radio program Unshackled!, “stirring, dramatic accounts of hopelessness and the hope that changes everything.” I foolishly wished for a more interesting testimony. Mine was so boring. I couldn’t even remember life before Christ.

My mom was saved shortly before my sisters and I were born, and she was on fire for the Lord. She taught us diligently, doing devotions with us and little Sunday school lessons throughout the week.

When my sister Rebecca was four and my twin Terry and I were three, Rebecca needed her adenoids removed. Common procedure. No big deal. But while Rebecca was in surgery, Mom realized Rebecca hadn’t yet placed her faith in Christ’s death for her salvation. Some four-year-olds aren’t ready for this, but Rebecca was and Mom knew it.

“What if something happens in surgery?” Mom wondered. “Why didn’t I talk to her about trusting Christ?”

Mom didn’t waste time. Soon after Rebecca’s surgery, she invited Rebecca, Terry, and me to place our faith in Christ and accept His gift of salvation. We were all saved on the same day. My only memory is of feeling shy and hoping Rebecca would pray first.

Being saved as a preschooler was a great blessing, but it wasn’t the kind of testimony that would air on a radio program or excite a crowd at testimony time. However, when I was in college, God gave me a glimpse of the beauty this simple story contained.

My friend’s little brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was scared. I knew they attended church, but attending church doesn’t make a boy a Christian. Had he trusted Christ himself? How could I reach out to them?

I did everything I could, and in the process I realized that the blessing God gave me of a Christian home and early salvation would forever be a burden on my heart, a burden for the souls of children. They can understand. They can believe. I pray I’ll always be faithful in extending the invitation.

Matthew 19:14 (ESV)
But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”


What a beautiful testimony, Jennifer (@Jennifer_Wilkinson). My heart was warmed when I read of your experience as a child which has inspired you to reach out to children for Christ. I truly believe that Jesus uses each of us differently, but always for the glory of God!

Something you said reminds me of my own childhood. There was a time when I thought going to church equaled salvation. I grew up in a Christian home and I think I equated the two (salvation and church-going) because that is how I saw Christianity expressed. Thankfully, He did not leave me there.

There have been times when I, too, have uttered regret at the commonplace nature of my story, daring to wish out loud for a more remarkable transformation. It was a dear friend and mentor of mine who quietly and lovingly admonished me. I am now content with the story He has given me. More important is how I respond daily to His call in my life.

Many blessings to you, Jennifer, as you life out His calling on your life!:grinning:


Hello Jennifer! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony, your story made me smile from start to finish. :blush:
I also, grew up hearing the same radio program, and you are so right- the stories were incredibly dramatic and interesting! :radio:
I loved reading how the Lord was working throughout your family’s lives. Your mother’s love for God and her children truly shines through! :two_hearts:

It was incredibly encouraging to read how God has equipped and called you to reach those around you with the gospel! I will be praying for you as you boldly proclaim His name! :pray:


@tpauls8 and @eminikel,
Thanks for your encouragement! I’ve been touched by what you’ve shared elsewhere on this forum, and I feel blessed by the opportunity to get to know you here. I’m praying for you today. May God guide and bless your ministries and fill your hearts with joy.


Thank you for sharing this @Jennifer_Wilkinson. Never underestimate a testimony such as yours! I can only speak for myself in saying that I wish my testimony was the same. A consistent walk of faith from such a young age is to be admired. This type of witness is vital to our youth. I pray the Lord will bless you tremendously as you answer the call to minister to children. What an inspiration :heart::pray:t3:



Your testimony is desperately needed. Why? Because most of us have some wild, dynamic story as if Christians can only be called if they are a product of dysfunctionality. My wife, Nancy, loved Jesus as a child, told others about Him, and is not even a deep thinker but just loves Jesus. Like Nancy, yours is a testimony of clinging to the Truth without having to have hysteria as your companion. You loved Jesus. A simple Gospel.

Jennifer, as you grow in Jesus, keep being that trusting child that loves her Creator.


Thanks, @Tim_Ramey. I hope I can meet you and Nancy sometime. Please let me know when you’re passing through town again. Nancy sounds delightful. People who just love Jesus are the ones who keep me grounded in life.

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I look forward to meeting you too, Jennifer!

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