Textual context for Madness

How does the Bible deal with people who can not choose anything let alone Christ due to madness or brain malformation?

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Hi Jason
I would suggest that this might be something to do with the ‘age of accountability’, whereby young children die before they become fully aware of what sin is, and have the opportunity to respond to the Good news of what Christ has done on the cross by placing their faith in Him.

If an adult has not developed to a capacity then I believe they would also be under this ‘age of accountability’ from an intellectual perspective and still go to heaven.

That is not to say we should try and make this call and not share the gospel with people because we think they won’t understand; it takes a great deal of humility to come to God in his terms and accept Christ as Saviour. Perhaps even a fairly intellectually disabled person can respond.

Here are a couple of articles below to ponder further. Does that help with the question somewhat?
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I read the articles and it is an answer but I get the feeling that there is more going on. I’ve been reading up on some scientific studies on the mind/brain duality. This all came about because my friends son with Asperger’s said to his father “Dad there is something broken in my brain”. The body goes to soil but the soul remains, so doesn’t is stand to reason that salvation in on the soul level not the body. Is my friends sons body messed up or his soul by the Asperger’s. I think its his body but his soul remains unaffected. Or maybe its connection is whats wrong, I don’t know i’m just trying to find out. I need to pray more.


Hi Jason,
Thank you for sharing about your friend. I don’t know the specific answers to these things either. I do know that God is good, and echo what Abraham says ‘Will not the Judge of the world do right?’

I’m not familiar at all with the area. Do you think the concept of a mind/brain duality comes from a worldview that is purely secular humanism / that is; there is only mass/energy and nothing else ?

Do you think it’s necessary to separate out the difference between the soul and body (including a brain) in relation to a basic understanding of salvation through Jesus? John 3:16 is said to be the gospel in a nutshell ; and as Andy Stanley summarized the verse. God loved, God gave : I believe, I receive.

You might find the talk below from Sharon Dirckx of interest ? She has also written a book I believe call ‘Am I just my brain?’. I’ve not read the book or watched the talk.

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Hi, Jason. I think it is so very sweet and compassionate that you are looking into this because of your friend’s son. We are, indeed, tripartite beings: body, spirit, soul–and they are interconnected. There is no clearer testament to this than the fact that before we accept Christ as Lord and Savior, we are dead in our sins and yet those who are dead in their sins who have not yet accepted Christ are still walking, talking, thinking, etc. If we search through the Bible, there are Scriptures that we can find where we see the author addressing the different aspects there 1 Thessalonians 5:23 perhaps most succinctly shows this if you’d like to take a look, but there are others… However, in regard to salvation, Jesus didn’t come just to redeem a part of us. Salvation, redemption, is for the whole person. However, there is a “now” and “not yet” to redemption. The Bible does promise us new bodies, but that is the “not yet” part of redemption. So regardless of whether anyone thinks something like Asperger’s affects body or soul, it doesn’t matter, because Jesus saves and redeems the whole person. I would suggest, though, that most disorders such as this one are indeed anchored to physical processes within the body, whether it is the brain or somewhere else. Human services was my major for two years, and we did study these things, and the term “mental disorder” is seriously misleading, as most, if not all, “mental” disorders stem from issues with physical chemical processes within the brain that then cascades into other systems.

Below is a list of a few verses pertaining to body, mind, and spirit for further study if you’d like:

Matthew 10:28, Ecclesiastes 12:7, Hebrews 4:12, Genesis 2:7, James 2:26,

Hope this helps! Thoughts?

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