Thank you dear Ravi

Dear Zacharias family,
Let me first introduce myself. I am a Canadian Music Missionary based in France and serving all over Europe. Myself and my parents and sister’s family and many close friends have known, loved and followed Ravi extensively in his amazing powerful transforming ministry and impact around the globe. I have had the distinct privilege of ministering with him on major platforms in Europe… (see the pic of our last time together in Cluj, Romania with my 1400 voice youth choir. An incredible moment together !)

In this difficult week of the loss of our dear friend and mentor Ravi… I was overcome with grief crying out to the Lord – asking WHY ?? Why now Lord when Your world needs - in such desperate ways – like never before – his powerful compassionate convincing voice defending the Faith across our planet.
WHY NOW ? WHY HIM ? And WHO will ever be able to take his place ?
WHO can be raised up as powerful and influencial - as humble and filled with such compassion as he and his ministry has been to the four corners of the globe ?

As I was overwhelmed by my tears and our sense of the great loss of such a spiritual giant ! After a few moments… I heard God say to me…

« Are you kidding me ?
If I, the Almighty Sovereign God of the universe, Creator of all things and of all persons, can reach out in such willed precision and divine purpose to touch a 17 year old suicidal teenager on a hospital bed lost deep in India… raising him up, giving him such hunger, such drive, such focused vision, such photographic memory, such motivation, such skill, such eloquence, such intellect in every situation that I placed him… giving him My very words to speak - can’t I and will I not be able to do it again ! »

WOW !! How my heart settled and my tears dried at these profound words.

I was reminded of Ravi’s own words just a few months ago in one of his last sermons… « God may bury His workers but HIS WORD goes on !! »
So strange as we look back now !

Thank you dear Ravi for having accepted to be open and available to His great calling in your life, to pursuing it with all your will and might as you unturned every stone along the way - and to what that decision has meant to the entire world. You leave a legacy behind you and thousands of trained enflamed people to carry on !

To Him be ALL the Glory !!
I look so forward to being able to spend eternity together with you worshipping at the feet of Him who LOVED US SO !!

With much love, care and support to your dear family you leave behind.


It’s good having your come alongside us at connect @DonGrigg. Thank you so much for the tribute. Your kindness and care is evident. Please take that to a new member and offer some encouragement or somebody that is struggling with an issue or life problems. That will be the greatest tribute of all. Glad to have you here. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello Grigg @DonGrigg I am happy to meet and to know how Ravi has impacted your life. Thank you for sharing with us. We all moaning our loss but God can turn am things for those who are called according to his purpose.
Welcome to RZIM Connect your contributions anytime can be a great blessing to many.

May you receive more comfort


Welcome aboard to Connect @DonGrigg. I am encouraged by your testimony and your tribute to Ravi Zacharias. God bless you and your music ministry.