Thank you for letting me connect!

Say hello…
Hi! I am Hersh from Hamilton, Ontario CA. I was blessed by the ministry team, who were in Canada since Thursday. I have been tremendously blessed by RZIM in my walk and am here to just pray for the speakers and the team as they traverse the globe to share the love of Christ.

Warm Regards// Hersh


Hi @HershPuri, welcome to connect, it’s wonderful to meet you. So many of us have been blessed by RZIM and I am sure they welcome your prayers. I agree that we need to lift them up. They give so much of themselves for souls all over the globe :pray: Thank you for your heart :heart:


Welcome aboard @HershPuri. So glad to have a prayer warrior joining connect. Thanks for coming along side us. You will be blessed with involvement here, and the Connnect site will be blessed by your interactions and prayers. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello, @HershPuri, and welcome to Connect! It is encouraging to hear to Canadian RZIM event encouraged you to join Connect and to earnestly lift in prayer the speakers. The Lord is at work and desires to hear from His people!