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I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right place - I’m new to this community - but I wanted to say my thanks somewhere so I hope this makes its way into the right hands.

Ravi Zacharias changed my life in a way I will forever be thankful for. Thankful to him and to God for allowing him to be a blessing to the world in a time when he was really needed. I grew up in the church, but still I found that no one around me could provide me with real answers to the big questions when I became old enough to ask them. Until I stumbled upon Ravi.

Ravi stood up for the truth like no one I had ever seen. He preached from a place of love, understanding and real experience. I knew without a doubt that he believed every word he was saying and that he held these truths dear to his heart. It stuns me every time I hear him speak the way he throws out profound truths one after the other with such ease. With so much uncertainty around and inside me, I felt peace and comfort in hearing him speak absolute truth. He was a brilliant man and such a blessing to me and many others.

My heart and prayers go out to his family - they have no doubt lost a loving and dear husband, father and grandfather. I hope they can find comfort in the fact that, though they are separated for a short while from him, he is in heaven with the God he loved where he will be well rewarded for his faithful service, and where they will be reunited with him soon. Praise God for Ravi Zacharias!



Thank you Nikita (@Anon) for this touching tribute to our dear Ravi and welcome to our community here at Connect. I am certain that your post will be directed where it needs to go.

I echo many of your experiences around Ravi and his ministry. While we all mourn this tremendous loss today and, I am sure, for years to come. We also rejoice in the reward that is his: to finally meet his Lord face to face.

I hope you will stick around and connect with us here some more as we navigate this time ahead. Although he is no longer physically present, he left a legacy which I pray we will all endeavor to continue: to love the Lord with all our hearts, to love our neighbors and to share Jesus with those around us with gentleness and respect.

May God bless you, Nikita. Thanks again for the lovely tribute.


I have been deeply blessed by Ravi…


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