Thank You Ravi!

I first heard Ravi on the radio just ‘by chance’ on a Sunday. His logic was so profound and I couldn’t keep up with it, but knew I wanted to hear more. I ordered tapes (that’s how long ago it was) and listened over and over again so I could understand. It was just want I had been looking for. I was already a Christian but struggled with Christianity from an intellectual level and how to talk to my friends about Christianity without always quoting the Bible. Since then, I have followed him and bought many of his books. I listen to his podcasts and a couple years ago had the privilege of hearing him speak and shaking his hand as he signed one of my books (it was the RZIM annual fund raising dinner). I snapped a quick picture of him with me and treasure it!

I have attended several of his trainings and debates at UM. He so inspires me with his knowledge, but also his kindness to people and sensitivity to others. I can tell he trains others in the same way because when I hear others on his team, they do not talk down to people and are very real with them, yet still answering their questions.

I have used things he says to talk to my non-believing friends and it has given me confidence to speak up for Christ. Thank you Ravi for being such an example and inspiring others and me to speak out for Christ and giving me the boldness and knowledge to talk to others. I’m so glad you have discipled others to continue on in your mission. Nabeel and Abdu have helped me so much as I minister to my Muslim friends.

Please thank your wife, Margy, and your kids for sharing you with the world. There is no doubt that you were anointed by God in a unique ministry that has touched so many, like me. BTW, I always remembered your wife’s name the first time I heard it because I only knew one other person with that name and it stuck with me! Thank you for your ministry ! I continue to pray for you and your family. You are so loved!


@gh2828 Hi Gail, welcome to Connect and thank you for sharing those beautiful words for Ravi and his family to read. What you say is very moving and encouraging. I really hope you find Connect a place where you can return to over and over again to continue the growth of everything that Ravi has helped you with over the years. Blessings.

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