Thank you

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Just want to thank you all for being here. Thanks to the team at RZIM and thanks to all Connect members. Although I don’t contribute much, I really look forward to reading new topics and the thoughtful and thought out responses and the kindness you show. You really are a very special group of people. Have a very blessed Christmas.
Just sharing a few verses I put together from a writing by Margaret Manning Shull that I read recently in a RZIM post. Hope I haven’t detracted too much from her message.

Waiting to catch a glimpse of Him

In the glamour and glitter of the twinkling season,
Overwhelmed and entranced in a world void of reason,
Ribbon wrapped paper behind garlanded doors
Indebted to banks and tempted by stores,
And under the tree with hardly a thought
Piled extravagant gifts that nobody bought.
Family feast and family feud
Starved of affection but gorging on food.
Behind steel-eyed smiles
Anxiety frustrating
Are we who are here, with them who are Waiting-
Or are we just standing in line
Secretly hoping
For Christmas to close?
Waiting to get on with the rest of the year,
Indifferent to the miracle calling us here?

We are, yes we are waiting
We are waiting for the King
We are waiting for the Christ
We are waiting for the One
Who has already come!

He who will come again will come in new ways
Into the messy details of our muddled days
And not just at Christmastime
Will He come, but for all time.
But for now it’s in the waiting we are blessed
And in the waiting we find our rest
And in the waiting are seeds sown of faith and hope and love
And, in His time, will He hasten, The Delight of Heaven above,
Though it seem so achingly slow, yet He will not delay.
So, in waiting, watch, in watching, pray,
For it opens eyes and hearts and hands
And ushers in the better land.
Be ready to receive He who was and is and is to come
His most Precious Gift - The One, His Only Son.
For now, let this Christmas be a celebration
That God has come with proclamation
That God will surely come again and stay
Within the Waiting of today.

(C Rhodes) #2

Merry Christmas Carol and a glorious New Year to come!

(CarolAndrews) #3

And to you too, Constance. Many blessings

(SeanO) #4

@Carol Merry Christmas! May the Lord Jesus bless you richly as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him :slight_smile:

(Kathleen) #5

Thank you for your words, @Carol! This is a special place for me as well. It’s a privilege to interact on here with everyone! Merry Christmas to all!