Thanks Ravi

I remember a talk where someone asked about who the next Billy Graham would be. You brushed it off in thinking that the question meant thar obviously it was not you. No - In my mind you are the culmination of a CS Lewis with the cultural relevance of the Apostle Paul. Your logic combined with your heart and determination have led countless millions to God. I am selfishly saddened that your light here will end soon- but am overjoyed that you will take your place with God and our Lord Jesus Christ as one of the near elders and saints at His throne. Your crowns are well deserved and I pray to spend many hours with you in eternity one day when my time has come. God bless you and your family.

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Hi @tamcinnis, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for sharing your heartfelt message to Ravi with us. Here is the link to post to him and family

Please do feel free to stick around and engage here in connect :pray:t3:
Take care

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Welcome aboard @tamcinnis. It is good to have you joining us. Thank you so much for the tribute. I feel much the same way you do in regard to the impact he has had on this globe. I hope you do take some time to explore the site. Please consider offering a word of encouragement to members you may have tough questions. Engage in any way that you can and that will the a super tribute. God-bless you and your journey.