#ThankYou Ravi

Dear Dr. Ravi,
It is with a heavy heart that I write after hearing the news that was released. I must say thank you because as I reflect on the last several years of listening to you, I know I must try to put into words the impact you and your ministry have had on my life and my family’s life. I first heard of you after my son, who was 7 years old at the time innocently asked me, “If God is good and He can do anything, why did He let all those people die?” I called my dad to get advice, and he said, “You should listen to this fellow named Ravi Zacharias. If anyone can help with that question, he can.” So, I have listened ever since. Looking back, I realize how hungry I was to get answers that were logical and not just emotional. You have been a routine guest in our home, especially on Saturdays during my laundry time. I turn on your podcast, listen while I fold clothes, and discuss with anyone who will listen. It is through your teaching I began to unlearn everything hammered into me during my secular schooling. It has been during times of folding laundry that I learned there should not be a divide between the secular and the sacred, so I did not have to feel that weight of discontentment at not having a career that took me away or that in order to be spiritual, I must be in the church building serving. I could delight in the home and six children that God put before me and serve Him even in the mundane moments like making dinner and changing diapers. It was a freeing thought! It was through your teaching and worldwide illustrations and stories that we could see glimpses of what it meant to be a Christian outside of the US and how we could pray. We began to treasure reading God’s word in a completely different way after hearing the story of the young Vietnamese man who cleaned the feces off the Bible so he could read it. It was through your teaching I began to understand how to intelligently discuss Christianity knowing how logical, relevant, and true it is. I grew up not having the tools to debate or even think through all the different oppositions, but I have learned these through listening each week. What a blessing!
After reading your book, “Walking from East to West”, I pondered and marveled at your story. It is beautiful. Seeing the tapestry woven in your life of God’s mercy, goodness and power made me realize that I did not have to collapse under the weight of the guilt of my past, but God could use it. It was seeing redemption in your story and how God uses it to reach others that I began to marvel at how He used your pain to reach others. You told your story with such compassion, honesty, and intellectual vigor that has reached all across the globe into a diversity of homes and cultures. You have maintained your compassion and humility in the face of opposition that at times is quite cruel. I am amazed. What an encouragement your life is. I want to thank you for being faithful, obedient, and answering the Lord’s call even though it has required sacrifice. I keep thinking you get to go home to the Lord after living a life he called you to. He called, you obeyed! What a testimony! What a life well-lived! To God be the Glory. We are praying for you, your family, and your ministry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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