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Dear Brother Ravi and family,

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Ravi live on several occasions and many more times via the internet. I’ve always been blessed. As a believer in Jesus Christ, apologetics confirms my faith and what I already know through relationship with Him.

Over the past few months, the Lord has let me see how beautifully Ravi shares with true compassion, humility, and love for others. The way he answers tough and sometimes aggressive questions with such grace, clarity, and strength of conviction has become a model for me of “speaking the truth in love,” (Eph 4:15). This is something which I’m asking the Holy Spirit to develop in my life.

Thank you, Brother Ravi, for your great life of ministry and of love to the Lord and to others. You are an example for me. I pray that the Lord will heal you, as He is more than able to do. I trust He knows what’s best and will do what is best for you and for your family. Our “times are in His hands,” (Ps. 31:14-15).

With much love and gratitude,
Lidia Catarisano


Hi @Lidia_Catarisano, thank you for sharing your words and thoughts for Ravi and his family. His demonstration of speaking truth with love is, as you say, an invaluable lesson for us all to imitate and grow in. I hope you can find Connect a place to continue your growth in this, as you follow conversations on all topics. Blessings.

Hi Lidia and thank you for sharing your reflections and kind words on the wonderful way Ravi has always presented and defended the gospel, sometimes in hostile settings as you say. I completely agree with you that his humility, compassion, and confidence in the Christian message he proclaims, is a model for all of us for how to speak truth in love. I too hope you enjoy having the chance to interact through Connect.

God bless :slightly_smiling_face:

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