Well said.
Thankfulness, Yes, we are Thankful for Ravi’s Love of the Gospel and ability to share it across the globe. Ravi, truly Loves God and his neighbor.
Keeping Ravi and his family in our prayers.
God is Good to All, and His mercy is over all that He has made. Psalm 145:9
Fred Proch


I happened upon one of your messages on YouTube a couple of years ago. I was moved, inspired and changed. I have since devoured everything you’ve said, am reading your many books and enjoying those people in RZIM who are part of your ministry. Your message changed me, changed my life. Thank you. Thank you for not taking your life. Thank you for listening to God. My prayers and hope are for you, Margie and your family to have the time to say all you want to say to each other. I hope to see you in heaven one day. God bless you.


Dear Ravi
You were the first apologist that I listened to. Listening to you helped inspire me to get into apologetics. I have used many of your answers when discussing Christianity with non believers. You have been a blessing in my life




I have been listening to your podcast for over 6 years now, every morning when I get into my car and meander through the wonderful traffic on my way to work. Whether it be Just Thinking or Let My People Think, your messages come across as clear and concise with a message of proving the inspiring and sometimes misinterpreted aspects of our faith.
They have allowed me to express my beliefs in a manner that doesn’t drive off but instead listens; to the speaker rather than the question.
Your knowledge of the bible is inspiring and reminds me of my pastor here in Temple, TX that passed away only a year ago. His name was Gary Desalvo and he had been my pastor since I was 13 years old.

You both teach and impart wisdom with understanding. You don’t preach and condemn. The similarities in both of your messages was what fed me for years. I pray for your family and for your team. You have given the world so many amazing words and so many a hope in Christ. #ThankYouRavi God Bless you.


Dear Ken and Christy,

We welcome you both to this wonderful community. We pray that it will be a blessing to you.

Grace and peace,
mary beth


Hello @Russell Thank you for your post. We welcome you to this Connect community. May you be blessed!


Well said. 100% agree!


Dear Ravi,

My family and I have certainly been blessed by your obedience to the Lord, all praise to Him.

I thought I would share a fun vignette from our travels. My husband and I have four children and we enjoy traveling both locally and world wide.
When the children were small we would often listen to audio books in the van as we drove and as they have hit the teen years, music is often requested. One day as we were driving many hours someone requested a certain, in most’s opinion, worn out song. An argument ensued. As it all shook down, the only thing they could all four agree upon (ages 11-17) was listening to Ravi Zacharias speak!
Thank you for bringing some unity and inspiration to the sometimes dull hours of travel. This mom especially thanks you!

When I read the news of your present diagnosis and decision to return home; I felt a stab to my heart as it brought back a flood of memories. In the spring of 1991, at age 56, my father also was diagnosed with an aggressive, untreatable cancer and returned home to spend his last days in the peace and comfort of the house he was born in, a beautiful farm in rural Lancaster Co. PA. He too, like you Ravi, was a man of God. My father was a man born ahead of his time, consequently lived through much grief and hardship, the Lord’s refining furnace, as he walked an excruciating path of obedience.

As you face these next uncertain days, Ravi, lean into the Lord to learn those last few nuggets he has for you on this side of the river. Whether you travel to your final home sooner than later, there is always more revelation!
Part of me envies you the new travel plans ahead for you and I am also puzzled by the Lord’s choice of saints to take next. Maybe like Christ, you must go so that faith and witness can explode even more. Whatever be the picture of your tapestry from The Lord’s point of view, it has also truly been lovely on this side for those of us who have grown and been helped by your witness.

Praying for you, your family, your wife, your ministry.
the German language probably expresses this spector the best and wipes all the negative right out of it! —heimgang; literally translated homegoing. Praying for you on your way home!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Hi Ravi. The first time I ever heard you speak I did not know who I was listening too. I was driving alone in my car and was flipping through the radio. I came across someone speaking and began to listen. I have been a Christian most of my life and I had heard of people who would defend the their faith with evidence, but had never actually heard someone do it. While I don’t remember exactly what you were talking about, I was encouraged. When I got home I searched to find out who it was I had heard. I eventually learned your name and came to realize what an apologist was. From there, I began reading books on the topic, some written by you some by others. I now lead a class at a local church that teaches basic defenses of Christianity. I use your book Beyond Opinion as one of my sources. I doubt I would be teaching this class had I never heard you on the radio that night.


Ravi - I met you in 1973 when my pastor Gordon Gilmore brought his friend and Ontario Bible College classmate brought you to Port Colborne BIC Church as a guest speaker. I was seventeen and wrestling with the call to ministry. You and Gord came to our home, and you got me to share a short version of my testimony, them provided much encouragement to me to pursue that sense of call.

Due to life’s circumstances I took a roundabout route into pastoral ministry, then spent eighteen years as a lead pastor. The past ten years I’ve worked as a counselor at BIC Overcomers in New Mexico, an alcohol and drug rehab program geared toward Navajo and other Native American men.

Be blessed and encouraged during this time. Finish the race well.


Dear Ravi,
Even though knowing about your sickness is sad news to many of us, I know that our God controls everything and that we will never come to understand the measure of his love for us, even during difficult times as these. When we get to his presence, then we will see, we will know, and we will have no other need because we will finally be with Him for eternity. I am thankful I have had the chance to get in touch with your ministry and learn from you and others in RZIM Academy, I have been so blessed and have learned so much about what God wants from me during this time in my life. I was excited you were coming to South America, but God had other plans, and whatever the outcome, I am grateful. Thank you, Ravi, for living Christianity as a faithful follower of Christ, for teaching us Apologetics in a way that has touched our hearts deeply, and has led us to speak about you to others in love. May God bless you and keep you, and give you the strength and peace that you need.


You’re irreplaceable, Ravi - like a Saint Paul or Saint Francis of Assisi. You have a special gift. When I read, “The End of Reason”, I thought, “FINALLY! Someone giving genuinely intelligent responses to the arguments of atheists.” I will miss you so much, miss the sound of your voice and the thoughts from your mind…but I can’t help being a little happy for you. You have worked so hard for so long (think about it - you’ve been doing this a while now :slight_smile: - Well, you finally get to go on vacation, so that you can be well-rested to celebrate the Second Coming - “Well done, good and faithful servant.” So, just take it easy now - like Jesus on the Cross, you can say, “It is accomplished”.
We’ll see you on the other side, pardner.


when I was heard that news, it was broke my heart. sir Ravi Zacharias you are my spiritual mentor. I learned so much from you and still I have been learning so much from you. I was born in Hindu family. I came to Christ when I was in Indonesia. it was my hardest time I ever had in my life. your teachings, your sermons helped me to strength to face that hardest situation. “You can only learn so much from books. You can only learn so much from education. Ultimately, it is the wisdom of God that will carry you through in the toughest situations of life”. This quote was helped me to face that situation. I learned what is unique in Christianity from your teachings. I have learned from you that How to share my faith with other religion people. most importantly how to do with respect and love. You are always in my prayers Ravi ji. I praise God for giving you to this World. We love you so much. God bless you dear my spiritual mentor Ravi ji.


Dear Ravi,

I read your daughter’s note today regarding the condition of your health. I want to confess to you that on reading it I was filled with a sharp yet sweet sense of loneliness. I have felt this before when a man of God who has been a guidepost of my heart is preparing to leave. It’s sharp in that God has made you so much more than you naturally are and for young men in my position nothing will be exactly like what God has done in you. It is sweet in that I know I’m only longing for the completion of God’s plan when death will die its last and the glory you have lived to give to Jesus is always alive.

I’m sorry, and I don’t mean to speak out of turn regarding your health and your journey. But I am exceptionally grateful. I am grateful for the encouragement you provided in teaching me the joy of providing a -reason- for my faith. And I applaud you as a champion when I spent years in universities secular and Christian, harassed by false models of thought ranging from sophistical to vile. What a fight you’ve fought.

I am praying that your time remaining would be plentiful and rich. You don’t need to be on the road now, and I understand your family will be joining you.

I have listened to you rejoice that a man like Billy Graham could lead a life with such consistency and integrity. I believe you will see the same rejoicing in my writing you.

Thank you.

Your brother in Christ,
Chad Doell


Your story is the story of countless tens of thousands whom Ravi has helped bring home to Christ - thank you for sharing it. God bless you going forward.


I’ve been watching Ravi for about 6 months now. My pastor, my brother, Rodney Evans, told me about you. He too suffered with cancer, but he told me one day when I asked him how he felt about it all, “God is going to heal me, either here on Earth or in Heaven; it doesn’t really matter where, I’m happy either way!” Ravi, you have so inspired me with your ministry and your teachings. I admire you so much. Thank you for your words that I’ll carry with me forever. My prayers are with you. Thank you!
Joanne Wixey


Beautiful thoughts, Tom - Yeah, I’m sure that Jesus can’t wait to show Ravi an endless sea of faces and, smiling very big, inform him, “Those are all the people you led to the Way of salvation. How many are there?” (big grin) “God only knows.” :grin:


Ravi, my name is Christopher Bower. We have never physically met but I cannot in mere words express the magnitude of the impact you have had on my life. Nine years ago I was entering college, a young American male raised in Christianity but coming to reject it’s tenets as I aged. In college I indulged in every worldly offer of pleasure that was available, thinking myself wise, free, and liberated. I soon came to understand that I was not in any way truly free but rather enslaved to my passions but still I rejected the faith I was raised in as fraudulent. One night though, I listened to one of your sermons instead of going out to party and I felt a stirring within my spirit to reevaluate where I was putting my faith. You began in my life a spiritual journey that would eventually bring me right back to Yeshua the Messiah. Soon after I would give my life to the One who knit me in the womb. Men like yourself, Abdu, and Nabeel have become great heroes of the Faith for me, I listen to RZIM speak at various and diverse universities and sites across the world on my way to work in Boston every morning. Fast forward to the current moment and I am a 29-year old working in the academic sphere pursuing the glory and renown of His Name in my life story. I have felt the Grand Weaver’s deep involvement in every season of my life and if you only knew how many lives you have touched through your work Ravi. My life journey is now fueled and dedicated to the hope of glory and eternity through the Son of God. You and RZIM have birthed a new generation of thinkers, academics, and most importantly disciples who strive to get the thinker to believe and to equip fellow believers to think. I now see that Christianity provides the answers that the human heart deeply seeks not just through history, morals, and theology…but through a Person. That Person is Jesus Himself. Ravi, you have never met me but I desperately hope my words reach you. You have helped carry me through so many dark seasons of life and have always pointed me to that Source of hope, peace, and truth. I seek to honor the Grand Weaver and yourself by striving to know Him deeper and to make Him known to all. You have played such a crucial role in my spiritual growth and for the growth of the Kingdom of God. For both you have my endless thanks Ravi. Thank you for your faithfulness, thank you for being you. Thank you for playing a part in me receiving eternal life. I covet your prayers and I thank you for them. Words will never be sufficient but thank you my mentor, my friend, and my dear brother. I love you Ravi, may Yahweh bless you and keep you. May Yahweh shine His face upon you, may Yahweh bless you with His Shalom that is only found in Jesus. =)


Dear Ravi,
I just want to thank you so much!!!.. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was a little girl, always been in church, talk to Jesus alot, read my bible off and on… never as much as I should …I listen to calvary pastors on the radio/online but even still - recently in my 30’s I started to panic and doubt if my salvation was really real. Like did I really truly believe what I believe deep down? Like if God looked at my heart, would he see any doubt and if so would it affect me being able to be saved? What if deep down, if I doubted something…would I still be saved? I would ask the Lord into my heart repeatedly at altar calls…I was concerned about all the things going on in the world and seeing Bible prophecy happen before my eyes… And I freaked myself into questioning if my salvation was really real or not and that when Jesus comes back in the Rapture if I would be taken too… I was so troubled for what seemed like months off and on… but taking my kids to school I heard your radio program, and I can’t thankyou enough for your perspective and answers you have given me over the last so many months… It has given me peace and a better deeper understanding of my walk with Jesus… that my salvation is not based on anything I do to try to make it right but it only is based on what Jesus already did at the cross… thankyou so much again for lifting me up when I so desperately needed it… I love your program and just want to thankyou for sharing your walk with Jesus with me and others… praying for you and your family!!!


I would like to say hello to everyone. I am currently serving the Lord in Zephyrhills, Florida. I joined Connect, to share and say “Thank you to Ravi!” I first met Ravi, while attending Nyack College in Nyack, New York. I was scheduled to lead worship for a middle-school youth group at their regular youth meeting. Their Youth Pastor was Doug Welborn. He and his wife told me that they would have a special guest speaker. And it was Ravi! There may have been 15-20 kids, but Ravi took the time to pay special attention to each youth. He was so appreciative of every teen in that room. He demonstrated Jesus to those young people and to me. He is a “man after God’s own heart!” Ravi has encouraged many servants, pastors, missionaries, professors, leaders, husbands, wives, college students, etc. Through the years, God has used He and his ministry in more ways than we will ever know, but we will hear about them - around the throne as we all worship the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings! Thank you Ravi for letting your love for Jesus shine through! You are in His hands - Oh the wonders that are in store for all those who call upon the Name of the Lord as their Savior. Blessings - until we meet again. Love to you and all the family and team. Teddy