The 12 tribes of Israel

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I meant a young lady that is under the impression that the gospel is only meant for the 12 tribes of Israel, and that salvation is only for the Jew, and that the white race is the “chosen” people.

She gave me a document to read, and from the beginning in of the document i can feel a strong bias, it is my view that if you are strongly biased you will read and interpret according to the bias and not be neutral to accept the truth that God wants to reveal in His word. Also she follows the teachings of a pastor which believes this, so this then reiterates and strengthens the deception.
She also believes that God is not 3 entities, but one who in certain times revealed Himself as different entities, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I tried to talk a bit about when Jesus was baptised and God the Father spoke and said “This is MY beloved Son in whom I have a wellbeing”, also quoted scripture where Jesus said it is not for Him to give away the seat of whom will sit on His left and right hand, but God The Father.
This bared little fruit in revealing to her that God is 3 unique entities with same consciousness, i hope i am explaining that correctly…

I want to ask how i should approach this, there is clearly a “white superiority” complex and probably deeply routed hatred, that then gets justified by this sermon that is making its way around.
When i asked why did God then create others He didn’t intend to save, she said they are there and their purpose is to wage war with Gods people every once in a while, to bring the people (Israel/white) back to God or for God to show His people His strength and that He is with them(His chosen people).
They hammer on that God has His chosen people in the Bible, which is Israel, I can’t answer why God had chosen Israel as the apple of His eye… but i do know and believe that God did send His only Son to save who ever believes in Him, irrespective of tribe, nation, color or background.
I also know that Jews aren’t purely white, but has a darker complexion, that should blow this theory right out of the water, but then a counter offensive is used by saying Adam and Eve was white, which I’m nit sure where they get that, but they try and use the word “fair” that describe Adam and Eve, and Rebekka and few others in the Bible, and say that fair means white, because it means to be able to blush, rushing of blood to cheeks and change of color…, and that “fair” describes a ruddy rose colored complexion. Also they keep on stating Adam and Eve was created in God’s image, not looking at the spiritual but physical, i do not believe God has a color, not sure, but we were created in His image and likeness in the sense that we look the same as Him, physical attributes, and we have His personality, creativity, love etc.
Also to try and justify the 12 tribes of Israel, they say that no other tribes rest of his existence is talked about, God doesn’t approve of them, and some of them were wiped out. I am aware that there are those that were cursed because they turned their backs on God. Also they talk about keeping Gods blood line pure. If all life came from Adam and Eve, and no other men were created thereafter, aren’t everyone God’s bloodline?
I do not believe that after Adam and Eve God created more humans, i believe according to Gods instruction Adam and Eve had children, and as bad as it sounds, the children, brothers and sisters intermarried to allow the expansion of human race.
The same happened after the flood, Noahs sons and there wives had children, these children probably went to get a wife from their uncles family line.
Please correct me where i am wrong.
They will then use Noahs sons to prove also God only has one line of tribes He is coming back for, i will attach the photo shared with the family trees… and that because non of the others were mentioned, they are cast out and not Gods chosen and pure blood line…

Please help me to prepare myself better in scripture to be able to discuss this if the opportunity presents itself.

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Hello Robert, I have only been on connect for a short time. I was invited to join and have really enjoyed this. You and so many others have been a blessing. It appears that this lady has strong beliefs though not the real truth. May I speak to,;

She also believes that God is not 3 entities, but one who in certain times revealed Himself as different entities, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There is much evidence to the contrary but
Revelation 5: 5-7 has helped me with the just one concept in the past by asking the person who did Jesus take the scroll from?
Also does she believe in eternity and what does she say about the great commission?
I hope this helps bring her into the light of truth. I pray her mind would be open and not decieved.

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As far as challenging her on the idea that the Gospels are only for the Jews, I would ask her if she has ever actually read the Gospels for herself. I do not believe anyone who has diligently read the Gospels in earnest can come to this conclusion. We are meant to make disciples of every nation!

The name Adam means “to be red.” So the idea that he was white seems a bit contradictory. Further, as you mentioned the Jews came from the Near East. The idea that they are all white and have always been so, is a stretch.

I am sure that there are others far more qualified than I to respond. These are just some of my thoughts on first blush :slight_smile:.


I think there are some very fundamental problems saying God is only in favor of the 12 tribes. Beginning in Genesis 22 the first “national” covenant say in verse 18 that through Abraham’s seed ALL NATIONS of the earth shall be blessed. This was established before the 12 tribes.

We now know that seed is Jesus and his message was to be proclaimed to the jew and the gentile alike so that there would no longer be any separation as far as race or nationality

Ephesians 2:12-19 is a beautiful text that shows this and i will share it with you
Remember that you were at that time separate from Christ, excluded from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. BUT NOW IN JESUS CHRIST you who were formerly far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For He Himself is our peace who made both groups into ONE and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall, by abolishing His flesh in the enmity, which is the Law of commandments contained in ordinances, so that in Himself He might make the two into one new man, thus establishing peace, and might reconcile them both in one body to God through the cross, by it having put to death enmity…
v19 So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and are of God’s household.

I’m sorry that the pamphlet may be misleading but maybe they haven’t read Ephesians.


Thank you for your reply, i appreciate it.
I haven’t asked her what her believe is on eternity, but i am sure she believes there is eternity because she believes God will come back only for the 12 tribes, Gods beloved nation, Israel. It is as if this religious mind set has a Jewish basis to it but not fully Jewish.
Also she believes that the whole scripture, the Bible, is only meant for the 12 tribes of Israel, not for the rest of the world, and that the white people are the 12 tribes.
This is why i mentioned i see Jewish believes, but not full Jewish.
She believes that the Blood of the Lamb didn’t cover the 10 commandments, only the sacrifice of animals.
I know we do uphold the 10 commandments but not because of the Law, but because of the new commandment, love your neighbor as yourself and above all else Love God. Through love you will uphold all laws that were stated in the Old Testament.
She believes the churches trying to reach the non white lost is not successful because it is against Gods will, because they aren’t Gods chosen people, to justify this, they look at all the tribes that are mentioned in the Bible, and any tribe that mixed with “non pure blood” or “not Gods people” were rejected and not blessed and thus not mentioned further in the Bible.
By their account and belief, only the mentioned tribes are the tribes God came to save and scripture is written for them and their descendants…
This is a difficult mind set to work with and try and break through so that truth can start changing them, as they feel they received this revelation from God, and did self study also and have peace about it so it is true…

I thank you for the scripture and will share it with her, I don’t want to try and convince her or argue, but submit the truth of the scriptures and trust that The Holy Spirit will do a great work in her, and her family’s lives

I am thinking of the verses Col 3:11, and Gal 3: 28 both which would deny that the salvation of Christ was only for the Jews. Plus, Paul was a minister of the gospel to the Gentile world. To the Jew first then to the Gentile. Hope she rereads the Bible with an honest quest to know truth!!