The Basic Twenty or so questions

On several of the video’s when Ravi would respond to questions, he indicated that the team over the years had identified 20 or so questions that covered the majority of questions asked around the world. It there a list of those questions or categories?


Hi Michael, great question! Our team has shared that the 20 questions Ravi referenced receiving most often (or some form of them) include:

  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. What evidence do we have for God’s existence?
  3. How can a loving and powerful God allow evil and suffering?
  4. What evidence is there for the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
  5. How do we know Jesus was God?
  6. Don’t all religions lead to God? How do you know Christianity is the one true worldview?
  7. How do we reconcile the age of the earth according to science and the biblical creation story?
  8. How do we reconcile the God of the Old Testament (violence/genocide) with Jesus?
  9. What is the relationship between Christians and the Old Testament law?
  10. What about those who have never heard of Jesus Christ?
  11. How do we know the Christian Bible is trustworthy and reliable?
  12. Isn’t logic the opposite of faith?
  13. How can we reconcile science and the Bible?
  14. What is your view on homosexuality?
  15. Why would a loving God send good people to hell?
  16. Do humans really have free will, or is everything predetermined by God?
  17. Why can’t morals be relative? How does a moral law prove a moral law giver?
  18. How is the Trinity logical?
  19. How do I overcome my doubts and hold on to my Christian faith?
  20. If he is real, why doesn’t God make himself more visible?

I hope this helps! Be sure to check out the Media Library on our website as well for free resources related to these questions. Blessings!