The beauty of forgiveness - Botham Jean

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I think you will find this to be an incredibly powerful, moving video:

In it, Brandt Jean, forgives and wishes the best to Amber Guyger, the woman who murdered his brother, Botham Jean, when Botham was at home. In particular, Brandt encourages Amber to go to God and place her faith in Christ, and offers her a hug.


My goodness, can’t keep the tears from flowing. How badly Amber must have needed that hug. Brandt is truly Christ-like in probably one of the hardest decision he made, a decision to forgive.


Yes, This was an amazing moment. It’s what God calls us all to do. In that moment of forgiveness both the brother & the officer were set free. I pray she follows his advice to turn to Christ.


Wow!!! I’m almost speechless. I am humbled. God bless his beautiful Christ like heart :heart:


Thank you so much for this, Carson. Interestingly, my church showed the movie, “Emanuel”, last night. It’s about the Black church in Charleston, in 2015, that lost 9 members when a young, white youth came into their Bible study, sat through it, then shot them. The message that came through the movie also was one of forgiveness. Our church plans to start an initiative to improve race relations in our community.


Fellow Christians
Brandt Jean exemplifies Jesus. When the rubber meets the road, will we brave, like he was and not deny His Lord? If the death of his brother could be redeemed to be eternal life for Amber, that is what Jesus would want. Praise God for a man that boldly stood up for Jesus.

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The grace of Christ beautifully and sacrificially displayed in a court of law. Mercy triumphs over judgement.




We are the light of the world. A hope in a broken and cruel world. A Christ like character shown well. My salutations to him! We need people like him. Let this be an encouragement to all of us.

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Praise God!

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Hi @sgewehr,

I am really encouraged to hear that your church is becoming increasingly dedicated to racial reconciliation and the pursuit of justice that accompanies such an initiative. We really do want to see God’s kingdom come to earth.

As a follow-up to this video, I wanted to share some words from Mika Edmondson. He wrote:

Christian forgiveness should make us more maladjusted to injustice.

If displays of Christian forgiveness don’t lead us to resist against the unjust circumstances that needed forgiving, we haven’t understood forgiveness…or worse, we’ve exploited it.

I think this is a powerful, convicting, helpful statement. Why would Christians not want to resist - and overcome - unjust circumstances? As followers of Jesus, it seems this should be a priority as we love God and our neighbors.


As much as I would love to believe that I would be as able to forgive like this I really don’t want to be put in that situation.
As an aside I can’t help but wonder what was the police lady’s prior and current relationship with the Lord? Does anyone know?