The Bible states men are shameful if they have long hair, but is this Gods word or man since Jesus never speaks on the matter?

This question comes down to whether the Bible is the word of God letter for letter or whether Paul is speaking his own words in terms of the cultural context of the time.

I have a condition called hypothyroidism which means my hair is loosing its vitality faster than usual, wearing a wig helps me with my appearence.

My question is, is it focusing too much on myself by wanting to wear a wig or am I truly going against the word of God? Or does God even care about men who have long hair? I have seen plenty of Christians who do have long hair.

But I know that may not totally justify this, I guess Im just stuck at what the Bible or more over Paul is saying. Jesus never talks about this and since he is the ultimate authority, is it really that significant to him?


Hello @Kriston139,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I imagine there are many people who may be struggling with the same issue!

To help us start at the same point, would you mind sharing which scripture passages are most concerning to you?

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Hey the passage is 1 corithiens verse 11

Thank you for the passage reference! There is a lot of discussion over that chapter, and how the New Testament church should consider it.

I believe from what I’ve heard in sermons, and read in commentary is that the Corinthian church was a bit of a handful and struggled to reach a level of unity because of immaturity and power struggles in the congregation.

Paul worked to establish order within the struggling church, as well as distinction of believers from the rest of the Corinth that is described as having a reputation of vulgar materialism and gross pagan ritual.

He wanted that order to be established between men and women, and Christian women and women temple prostitutes who cut their hair, and were recognized as prostitutes because they did so.

But we know that God is not offended by long hair on men in general because we have Samson from the Old Testament (his birth described in Judges 13) where God sets Samson apart to serve Him and instructs Samson’s mother to never let a razor touch Samson’s head. The Nazirites were people called to live differently by not cutting their hair! God gives detailed instructions for Nazirites in Numbers 6. John the Baptist is also associated with Nazirites.

So we have examples of “head covering” being received differently usually because of the cultural practices and the purpose of the time. But at the very foundation of the practice it is where the heart is that is the concern.

You seem to have a heart for the Lord that is concerned with His pleasure and good will. And you’re right there are a lot of Christian men with long hair.

Have you sought the Lord in prayer over your question?


Its not just this, with the heart sure I am all for Jesus.

The Bible however appears to condem homosexuality and those in the modern Christian community to those who are transgender, although that term is never used in the Bible.

Cloesest thing is Jesus speaking of Enachs, however Jesus would have viewed sex in the same way other jews would have. So he wouldnt have been for it either, although he did challenge all of the statutes of their faith. But we cant know if he would have challenged that.

See I too am attracted to the same sex and am also in the stages of transitioning, yet I absolutley love Christ and do not see how something like that could harm God.

Other than me being his Image beaarer. Okay thats fine, but heres the thing.

I didnt ask for a male Image, he gave me it if he did intend to have me ‘designed’ but that also goes for my personality too right?

The Mind I have tells me I should have been born female, the bible seems to state otherwise.

What I dont get is, why if im designed this way would God send me to hell for it when I want to remain Christian?

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Hello and welcome to Connect, @Kriston139! Your initial question about the application of Paul to the modern world is a good one. As you’ve pointed out, how one approaches Paul does depend on how one approaches the whole of the Bible. I don’t want to skip over that, but I now see you’ve entrusted us with a second, very personal question that reaches deep into your lived experience.

If I understand your line of thinking correctly, you’re wrestling with, essentially, how you’ve been made. I don’t say this to minimise your experience at all, but most, if not every, person I know struggles in some way with how they were made. I, myself, am frustrated with it every day! So this is a struggle you (very broadly) share with numerous people.

However, the struggle with being what one considers to be the wrong gender is something that (statistically speaking) few people experience. I don’t know what it’s been like for you, and I wish I had the personal opportunity to speak with you more about it. The closest thing that I can personally relate to is my own struggle, as a woman, to feel ‘feminine’. That is, I don’t dispute that I am female/woman; I question whether I am a proper woman. There’s loads that can be philosophically unpacked there, but I will refrain. Ha!

You mentioned in your introduction post that you are a new believer. Welcome to the family! Also, welcome to a new kind of struggling. :smirk: Many of us are working to understand what it means for us, individually, to follow Christ. Sounds like you are as well. :slight_smile:

To your last question,

Why - if i’m designed this way - would God send me to hell for it when I want to remain Christian?

God is for you, my friend. Follow Him and you will have life…both now and eternally. Ask Him for wisdom as you negotiate the various aspects of yourself. The Christian life is a dynamic one, so buckle up; He’s in the business of sanctifying those who seek after Him.

I love what John Newton once reflected,

I am not what I ought to be.
I am not what I want to be.
I am not what I hope to be in another world.
But still, I am not what I once used to be.
And, by the grace of God, I am what I am

I don’t know what’s in store for you, but you are who you are, where you are right now. If your inner feeling is that you are a woman, ask yourself what that means. What does ‘being a woman’ mean to you and for you? What are you seeking by transitioning? (Freedom? And/Or…?)

One video that may be of interest is from a Q&A with Vince and Ravi. The question: Is God OK with People Being Transgender? (edit: So sorry, apparently I posted a jpg. and not the video link! :woman_facepalming: So here’s the video, finally!)

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@Kriston139 thank you for bringing your struggle here.

Do you think it may not be love for the Lord that you’re lacking, but possibly trusting Him? If so you’re not alone! Most of us have to learn to trust Him with our whole self, and He seems to provide lots of opportunities to work on it!

One of the RZIM staffers has struggled with the same issues, and he has spoken and written on your topics, so you may find him insightful. Here is his info page:

And my prayer for you comes from Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Paul knew there were Jewish men that wore their hair long due to being from a specific place. As such, it is a general rule and not the same type of thing as Rom. 1. I think this would make for a good podcast discussion. Lots to talk about here between what is cultural and what is simply what the Bible says. Of course, knowing what the Bible says means you have to look at the context.

As for me personally, I am a man and I have long hair, but I have a good reason for it.

Hello everyone…

This may come as a surprise but when I gave my life to Jesus everything changed very very quickly.

On new years eve alot happened, as if my entire being went through Gods fire wall. Jesus was knocking at the door to my heart louder than ever before. Until I screamed… “WHAT!!!”

JESUS shot me through the head (Im meaning this all entirely figuretivley here) and dragged my lifeless body across the floor with his shepards crook.

I kicked and screamed and fought against his love and wrath every step of the way, even though I knew I had lost the battle. Like an idiot I was still holding onto self.

All the way to his private jet, tied me to the outside of the plane And…then. Take off.

It was as if Jesus was flying this plane, and I was hanging onto the outside tail with a fishing wire. And the wheels are leaving the ground.

Im screaming stop, please slow down. But he just speed up, and up and up until we reached the stratosphere and I saw my mistake.

I was so sure I had got rid of everything faith related, especially Christianity. I hated it, I hated Christians and the teachings. The idea my lovely Grandad could go to hell because he simply had no idea made me boil with rage.

And in the end, going against a force greater than myself proved to be a battle I was not about to win. Try as I might. But in the end, it was like trying to stop a high speed train by standing in front of it.

See the truth is, I do not have gender dysphoria. I didnt lie… I was wrong. I believed I did for 2 years, not my entire life like people who genuinly have this condition do. So in no way, shape or form am I generalizing my experience with theirs.

The truth is… The real truth is.

I was having such bad luck with women, it drove me to a bed of suicide. And then I came up with a genuis answer…

Maybe if I cant be with a woman, I can become one. Then she wont have to leave me. It felt like a brilliant idea and I convinced myself of it to a point that I no longer remembered the underlying foundations, the origin it was born from.

To everyone here, I deeply deeply thank all of you for your gracious answers. You have all been so kind and so understanding towards this it has blown me away!

In a way, going through this experience did show me what life is like for transgender people. And I tell you, many if they read these responces would be just as surprised.

You guys truly do know a peace that surpasses all understanding. And I think now… That I am too.

God bless you all x

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Life is so complicated, isn’t it? We are complicated by nature, and I’m so glad you are still here to share your amazing testimony! You are an example of what was meant when John wrote:

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

Trust God’s complete goodness with your Grandad.

I hope you will consider joining a Bible study of some kind to give you spiritual food. I don’t know where you live, but I do know of a study that has the most amazing men I’ve ever met that will come alongside you and give your fellowship. You can look for a class location near you here:

And stay with us on Connect! :100: