The Blessed Journey

Peace from our Lord Christ Jesus be with you all!

I found that many people expect to hear some tragedies or miracles when they asked how I became a believer. I always told them I don’t have amazing or surprising stories to share, but to be honest, every story about being saved is indeed AMAZING!

Here is my journey:
So, as a Chinese, I was raised up as an atheist, but as most Chinese, I still believe in some god that I wasn’t able to name, especially when I knew something unjust, I wished there is some god to do the justice. I had great interest in living as a “good” person and was influenced by Confucius.
About 5 or 6 years ago, I kept being troubled by the sense of lacking some truth in my heart. I was a good and nice person from outside, but I know from inside that I was forced to be nice to build a good impression. That nice person was not my true self. Sometimes, I would be so angry or evil in my thought. I was disappointed and felt strengthless, and also confused. What’s more, I came from an unhappy family, which led me think about the meaning of life.
One day, I came across the biography of Mother Teresa from school library. (I am a teacher in a primary school) I was deeply touched and wondered so much what power on earth was Mother Teresa talking about. I learned she is a Catholic, as a result, I signed up for a 6-month course at a very big local Catholic church. I was determined to become a Catholic as Mother Teresa. However, I only learned some rituals, nothing touched my soul. I tried to persuade myself to believe the teaching because it is at least the same faith Mother Teresa held. However, this self brainwashing practice didn’t work, so I quitted the course when it nearly came to an end. I was disappointed and hopeless about going back to square one…
After being troubled for another two years, I got to know a course called Christianity Explored from a believer of my friend. I only met that lady once! This time, I was more try-and-see style, not expecting anything because I didn’t wanna be disappointed again. The teaching was different from the Catholic church! There were questions not answered during discussions, but I was OK with it. When it came to the part about sins, I agreed with the concept because I know how many thoughts that I would never share with others since they are too evil! So, after the course finished, I decided to attend a fellowship group as a nonbeliever and asked a lot of questions. Those people were very nice to me and they are my sisters and brothers now!
I remembered clearly one night, when I was reading the crucification of Jesus Christ and what he called out from the cross, my soul was deeply touched by his love and sacrifice! I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my only savior!
At the beginning, I came to God because I wanna be comforted by Him, I wanted my questions to be answered, I wanted to be protected and blessed. Amazingly, gradually, I got to know more about Him, especially during the pandemic, I became more attracted to His holiness, His love, His justice, Him as the Almighty Creator! The more I meditate on His attributes, the more blessed and grateful I feel! I praise and thank God!
I still have a lot to learn and practice, and I pray that I fight the good fight and can be called a faithful servant when I see Him on that day! All this can be done only in Christ!

Thanks for reading and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


What a blessing to read of your beautiful testimony. Many things stood out to me.

This statement hits the nail on the head when it comes to one’s worldview: Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny. And what life means to someone effects the lenses in which they See the world around them. Like you experienced, a life without meaning is a life without stability.

This is a miracle in every salvation story! The fact that the Gospel of Jesus Christ penetrates all aspects of one’s life—from the realm of spiritual enlightenment, to within the realm of physical change of behavior, and extending into the realms of logic and experience—all are woven inextricably to a life that wholeheartedly turns to and seeks God. (Romans 1:16, 1 Corinthians 1:18)

I love this. It reminds me of Romans 11:33-36. Thank you for sharing❤️


What a wonderful testimony, @Michelle_W! I agree with you - it was an amazing conversion!


Wow, thanks so much for sharing this @Michelle_W! Truly, Christ offers us a most beautiful relationship with Himself. It’s not just the mere practice of religion, but communion with our Creator that stirs the soul.


Michelle, your testimony illustrates the difference between religion and relationship. You thought that you were going to connect with God by learning how Mother Teresa did religion. You learned that this is an empty enterprise. You actually wanted a relationship with God, which ritual does not bring. You kept seeking that relationship, and because you kept seeking it, you found God! What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it!

P.S.–I am sure that Mother Teresa will give you a big hug when she sees you in Heaven, because she understood relationship with Jesus, too!

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Thank you brother for the encouraging reply! I am blessed to keep seeking God and to be brought back home by Him!

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Thank you sister Christina for your reply.
Loving the Lord wholeheartedly is what I have been working on, of course not by myself but by the strength from Christ Jesus, because He deserves my whole heart and soul.


@Michelle_W You may be interested in reading Something Beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta by Malcolm Muggeridge. I highly recommend it. Muggeridge was a journalist who wrote this book after spending some time with Mother Teresa. The book itself is concise and well-written. It is very enlightening and shows how a truly Christ-like heart expresses itself.