The Blessing of Elisha on RZIM

Everyday, I give a lovely piece of cardboard a "holy kiss."It is a chosen bit that has been perfect for a bookmark and a reminder that I still have work to do. On it, is Ravi Zacharias most gentle request for funds during the year end. With sincere heart, I read this request and it becomes as prayer to a Holy God who has enacted His purpose through RZIM. I can only praise the One who has made such a man so gifted. Although we lost Ravi on this earth last evening, I am grateful that RZIM WILL CONTINUE!! May we all continue to support RZIM. When Ravi made that first announcement that guarantors had inquired about a possible location, my heart leaped out of my chest. I was ready to walk across the States to be there when you all broke ground.

God has granted Ravi much in that he has seen his heart’s desire granted. Soberly, I am reminded that a great man lost is always painful. Conversely, it is a gift to us also , that we know he was surrounded by those who love him. In his type of ministry, dangers lurked in every nation. God so provided.

Ravi left us in Peace.

To be honest, right now, I am slain with grief. Ravi’s sermon about The Great Tapestry must suffice. I wear a patched up heart that feels like velvet and coarse muslin. It is a garment cut from two entirely different cloths sewn together with a ragged seam in between. One side grateful, the other a burning ache. I have served in one church forty years now and have suffered through three church splits. It was the most painful experience. This feels like that .

Once again, I am reminded. Follow the teacher but love the Lord above all else.

Thus I will focus on the Joy. I shall take this moment to thank and to encourage all of his friends, colleagues and family. May I express the depth of love and appreciation I have for you and the hope I feel because of all of your lives? You have had to share the life of the man, husband, father, friend with so many people. I’m sure that many of you had to wear many coats and do many jobs. Anyone fully involved in a real church organization knows this. Your sacrifices are blessed with humility. Your love is growing ever deeper into the Ancient of Days.

Summarily, I am both overwhelmed and grateful. How blessed we are to have the visible inheritance passed to all of you. Our Great Hope continues Ravi’s work .If I can love a man so deeply that I have never known, surely the wisdom of Jesus will remain steadfast and shared in profound ways through all of you! I can’t wait to see what you all will do. May the double blessing of Elisha be granted! Yea and Amen!

We shall praise He who gives and He who takes away.

Let me say this, I am so proud to call you my church family in these days of misrepresentation.

You are all a feather in our caps and jewels in His crown. Indeed, I believe that I could scrub the RZIM floors with relish! Did I say “Thank you?” Thank the Lord for all of you.**


Wow @moretoourlives What a lovely and moving tribute to each person at RZIM now shouldering the responsibility of wearing this mantle.

I couldn’t agree more.

May the Lord bless you on the journey,
Mary Beth

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